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Electric mobility

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Denver electric scooter, electronics SCO-85350, 8.5 "wheels, speed 20 KM / H,...

Denver scooter, safety and fun on the go.
Nominal power 350 W.
Material: Aluminum. Wheels: 8.5 ". Power: 350 W. Rechargeable lithium battery: 6000 mAh. Range approximately: 18 km. Speed: 20 km / h. Maximum weight: 120 kg. Protection: IPX4. Illumination: LED.
Front and Rear Voltage: 230V. Includes: AC Adapter. Dimensions approx .: 116 x 107 x 43.3 cm.

Electric handling: Electric bikes and scooters with the mobility bonus

The mobility voucher is a contribution equal to 60 percent of the expenditure incurred for the purchase ofelectric scootersand bicycles withassisted pedaling, and in general of all those means for personal circulation aelectric propulsion,excluding cars.

Period of validity of the mobility voucher

The bonus will have an amount of up to 500 euros, and will be paid within the limits of available resources.
The incentive is valid for all purchases made up to 31/12/2020. Hurry before the funds run out!

Here you will find the law to benefit from the Bonus

Electric handling: the silent revolution

The arrival of pedal assisted electric bicycles, also callede-bike, it was a real revolution in the world of personal movement and circulation. After an initial phase of distrust, e-bikes are now the absolute masters in the field ofpersonal electric mobility: silent, easy to handle, perfect for urban mobility and more. If, on the other hand, for your travels around the city you are looking for something even more compact, which allows you to move in absolute freedom but also to easily take public transport, you are ready for electric scooters, also callede-scooter. Perfect for small commutes from home to work, they have an autonomy of 20 km with a single battery charge.
For ecological and economic personal mobility, for us and for the environment.

E-mobility: the new way to get around the city

It is clear to everyone: a new era has arrived for individual travel. In these times it is easier to move around the city (and beyond) in a fast, safe, practical and ecological way. The pedal assisted bicycle and the electric scooter respond to that desire for freedom and lightness for our small trips, eliminating the problem of parking for the car or the annoyance of super crowded public transport.
Thereelectrical handling personalis positively revolutionizing the way we move around urban areas: bicycles and electric scooters with an attractive design with zero emissions and low costs.

E-bike to pedal without getting tired

The use of thepedal assisted electric bicycleallows you to travel the daily journeys home-work-shopping-errands in freedom, without getting tired and without the thought of arriving for this reason in disorder or hot for our appointments. Very quiet and easy to handle, modern e-bikes, thanks to technological advances and studies on long-lasting batteries, can also have a range of about 70 kilometers and a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Folding bikes, withmultifunction displaywhere important information such as remaining battery life, speed and power is displayed. Many models are now available on the market, for every budget and performance need. But don't think of them only as electric bicycles for the city or urban areas: in our catalog you will also find e-bikes in a sporty version, more robust for rough terrain.

Electric movement and bicycles: how the pedal assisted bicycle works

The functioning of an electric bicycle is very similar to that of a "normal" bicycle, with the difference that, while pedaling, we do not endure fatigue. The bike's motor is positioned in the center of the frame or sometimes in the wheel hubs, and provides electric propulsion in addition to the rider's pedaling. In practice, the e-bike engine recharges with electricity and starts pedaling: the greater the force impressed on the pedals, the higher the speed obtained (up to 25 km / h for the best models). You can use the bike even with a flat battery, in this case the weight of the bike and the fatigue will be felt.

E-scooter for green circulation

The electric handling market is literally flooded with these new electric scooters, perfect for everyday use on small trips but also to take on vacation. Born as a game for children, the scooter is very handy and easy to use.
Finally, from 1 January 2020 the circulation of electric scooters has been authorized: now traveling with an e-scooter is perfectly legal and is equivalent to the use of bicycles, and at the moment both do not require insurance or a license. We remind you that under 18s it is mandatory to wear a helmet.
Aelectric scooterit is equipped with a motor, battery, throttle and brake. It is used as a normal scooter, some top-of-the-range models also have thecruise controlor the possibility of choosing different conduction modes, favoring speed or battery life.

Electric movement to move in total safety

E-bikes and electric scooters are the pillars of this new oneeco-sustainable micro-mobility: in our catalog there are different solutions for price, power, speed. For information do not hesitate to contact us, and we recommend that you always choose quality products for your daily safety