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Mosquito nets

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Mosquito nets for doors and windows: indispensable with the arrival of summer

Mosquito nets for doors, windows and French windows are essential accessories for all homes. In fact, with the arrival of summer, it is necessary to protect yourself from all those annoying insects that would enter through the windows left open to enjoy the outside air.
For sale on our site you will find all types of mosquito nets, roller, magnetic, sliding mosquito nets with velcro or curtain mosquito nets: many solutions for every budget and for every type of window.

Mosquito nets, how to choose the right one

Unless you have windows with non-standard sizes, so once you have decided the type of mosquito net you need you will have to have it made to measure, on you will find many types of easy-to-install mosquito nets suitable for all doors , windows and doors - windows.
In the meantime, let's see how we can classify the different types of mosquito nets existing on the market:

  • Vertical sliding mosquito nets , mainly used for windows
  • Mosquito nets with horizontal sliding / opening , for doors or French windows and balconies

In addition to this, the various types of mosquito nets that you can find are:

Stick & detach adhesive mosquito nets for doors and windows

They are absolutely the cheapest but also the most versatile and suitable for any type of opening or window compartment that you want to protect: with velcro or adhesive strips they can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

Extendable mosquito nets with frame

This is also a rather inexpensive type of insect screen, it is an extendable insect screen, inserted in a light frame, usually made of aluminum, and easily adapts to any size of door and window with shutters. Practical and durable solution and at the same time easily removable, it is inserted into the roller shutter guides.

Magnetic mosquito nets for doors and French windows

They are always part of the categories of easy to assemble and extremely inexpensive mosquito nets, they are particularly suitable for doors and French windows because the central panels of the mosquito net are joined by a simple magnetic strip, easy to open for the passage of people or animals and which it tends to close automatically after the passage.

Roller-sliding insect screens for doors and windows

Absolutely the best-selling type of insect screen for windows , very practical and not too expensive. It is available in various sizes, so it is easily adaptable to any size of window, door or French window. The canvas runs on side rails making it easy to clean and guaranteeing total protection from insects.

Mosquito nets, here are some things to remember

Before choosing any mosquito net, we need to think about the use made of that door or window where we would like to install it. If it is an opening that we often use, we recommend that you choose a roller insect screen, slightly more expensive but durable and whose opening and closing makes it easy for people to pass through and total protection from insects.
If, on the other hand, you want to protect a door or window that is rarely opened, you can also opt for a magnetic or adhesive mosquito net, they will do their job even if more delicate from the point of view of fixing and less durable.
We recommend that you always clean the mosquito net with special products or products that are not too aggressive to maintain hygiene and keep away the dust that accumulates easily.
On our site you will also find replacement canvas for mosquito nets in various colors and the adhesive tape to repair your mosquito nets.