Franke FMA 86 H XS Maris 60 cm Multifunction Electric Oven - Stainless Steel - Black Crystal

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Franke FMA 86 H XS stainless steel - black crystal multifunction electric oven of the Maris series is equipped with 71 liters of capacity, 8 functions, digital display, exclusive bread program, steam cleaning system and energy efficiency class A.


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Maris FMA 86 H XS Satin stainless steel-Black crystal

Multifunction oven Special bread function, consistently excellent baking effect The Smooth2close system opens and closes the oven door gently and safely Press the cleaning system to conveniently remove the inner glass Steam cleaning system can easily clean the oven and protect completely the environment. feature.

Type Multifunctional thermal ventilation Energy class A Volume 71 lt The program uses white numbers and knobs for digital display Number of functions 8 Exclusive show: Bread Press to clean the glass of the mobile door Wire guide Equipment 1 drip pan, 1 deep drip pan, 2 grids steam cleaning system The Smooth2close system opens and closes the oven door gently and safely Press the cleaning system to conveniently remove the internal glass.

-Static cooking function: cooking any type of dish on a single shelf.

It is better to use the second level.

- Ventilated cooking: used for cooking liquid-filled desserts on a single shelf. This function can also be used for cooking on two shelves. Reverse the position of the food for more even cooking.

- Ventilated cooking: cooking different foods that require the same cooking temperature on several shelves at the same time.

This function allows you to cook without spreading the smell from one food to another. -Grill: used for grilling ribs, skewers and sausages, browning vegetables or browning bread.

-Turbo grill: used for grilling large pieces of meat.

-Defrost: accelerates the defrosting of food.

- Lower cooking level: suitable for browning the bottom of the dish.

It is also recommended to use this function for slow cooking to complete the cooking of stews and the preparation of thick sauces.

-Bread: Bake different types and sizes of bread.

It is better to use the second level.

-Steam cleaning: the steam released during this special low-temperature cleaning cycle allows you to easily remove dirt and food residues.

Maris Collection The perfect combination of black glass and steel details brings a refined and timeless design.

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Electric oven 2750 w
Energy class "A" "
8 programs
Oven 71 lt. multifunction thermoventilated
Double glass oven
Electric grill
Ventilated cooling
Lar g. 59.5 cm alt. 59.5 cm.

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