Bongo Serie A Advance Connected Max 700W

Bongo Serie A Advance Connected Max 700W electric scooter with removable and interchangeable battery, 45 km of autonomy

700 W electric scooter with removable and interchangeable battery up to 45 km of autonomy and application for mobile devices.
350W rated power and up to 700W maximum power.
Warranty: 2 years.

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Electric scooter with a nominal power of 350 W and a maximum power up to 700 W, capable of overcoming steep slopes and moving on any surface. Panasonic 12800 mAh interchangeable battery with range up to 45 km. APP for Smartphone, thanks to the connection via Bluetooth it connects to the scooter with the smartphone from which different information and configurations are displayed. 8.5 '' tubeless wheels, more resistant and with anti-explosion system. 3 driving modes: Eco mode for safe use with battery saving, Comfort mode for the highest performance combined with excellent battery consumption and Sport mode to reach maximum power in different terrains by moving at speeds of 25 km / h. Extreme safety triple braking system, with regenerative electric disc brake, added rear manual brake and rear disc brake. LED display showing speed and battery. It is equipped with an on-board computer that marks the status and configuration of the scooter. Mazinger system with easy and compact folding handles and bar to reduce space and improve its transport. You can choose the cruise speed on the scooter to optimize the battery in this way.

-Battery charger.
-Instruction manual.
-1 Allen key.
-1 adapter to inflate the wheel.

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Bongo Serie A Advance Connected Max

Bongo Serie A Advance Connected Max monopattino elettrico da 700 W con batteria estraibile e intercambiabile, 45 km di autonomia

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