Delivery times and methods

Rover Srls reserves a few working days for the retrieval of the product requested by you in the warehouse, the packaging and the completion of the administrative procedures necessary for the shipment. To this must then be added the courier delivery times, on average 3 days, but times and methods vary depending on the courier and destination.

In case of unavailable goods, it is necessary to distinguish between articles of our production and those of other companies: for ours we only need a few days to create them, while the retrieval time from other companies varies from 2 to 30 working days and in special cases can be even greater.

We would like to point out that our times also vary according to the workload present in our store, where we carry out not only retail sales but also repairs and maintenance of antique and non-antique lamps; moreover, our business philosophy obliges us to consider every order not as a simple package to be shipped but as a link that is established between our work and your spaces, and as such it needs time and attention to be able to prove to be lasting and satisfactory for both.

We therefore advise you to always contact us before a purchase for detailed information on delivery times and for any possible customizations on the products chosen, eg. by the type of material or in the design. However, you will be promptly notified of the expected delivery times and any delays.

We consider it appropriate to inform our. kind Customers that in the periods of the Christmas holidays, Easter and the August holidays period, there may be inevitable delays in deliveries. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

During the shipping phase:

Packages are delivered to the Courier by 1:00 pm every day. Rover Srls company sends customers important information on how to accept receipt of goods by email or telephone. From this moment the parcels begin their process: they are taken to the Corriere headquarters and from there sorted for their final destinations. In these phases the packages undergo various removals and displacements, therefore for these reasons, upon receipt of the goods it is necessary to check the packages accurately and always sign with reserve, to be entitled to a possible replacement of the product and at the same time demonstrate to the our private insurance to have adopted all the precautionary conditions for insurance coverage.
Each Courier already in the late evening or the next morning, sends an email or a text message on the customer's mobile phone, confirming that they are in charge of the goods and indicatively the delivery time with the link for tracking.(the tracking will be activated only after your order has reached the SDA warehouse). Customers have the opportunity to reply to text messages within 24:00 of the same day to change any delivery parameters.

Upon receipt of the product:

In order to make our service more and more efficient,upon receipt of the package, please strictly adhere to these four essential points:

  1. Carefully check the condition of the packaging upon delivery by the courier, tooif the package is not damaged,always sign subject to control, by adding the wording "Integro parcel - signature subject to control".
    This operation allows us to have the right to a possible replacement of the product and at the same time to demonstrate to our private insurance that we have adopted all the precautionary conditions for insurance coverage.
    Otherwise we do not guarantee replacements due to hidden breakages (damage to the contents with undamaged package not damaged) and the compensation will be governed by vector insurance with DL 286 of 11/21/05.
  2. In case the package is damaged, put the words "I sign with reserve - damaged package"- Always make sure it is written.
  3. In case the package is seriously damaged, in order to have also caused damage to the internal content,Reject the goods- and put the words "Goods refused for damaged package".
  4. Check the number of packages deliveredthat corresponds to what is indicated in the tracking.

Those who fail to strictly adhere to these four points will not be protected by the product replacement warranties..

Any disputes must be raised immediately to the carrier and notify the incident with relative photographs to Rover Srls at the, otherwise the product is considered delivered correctly. The invoice or receipt must be kept as a valid document for the guarantee.

The courier is required to make a passage to attempt delivery, in the absence of the recipient he will issue a notice of passage and the package will go into storage. The recipient will have to collect it at the relevant office or pay back the shipment charged at the current rates, including € 16.00 file opening and € 0.90 daily rate up to the 5th day, beyond the 5th day € 2.80. The shipping office will contact the customer by e-mail on the day of departure to confirm the new delivery.

Shipments in storage:

The collection must be made by showing an identity document (corresponding to the name of the recipient of the delivery shown on the order). If the delegate wishes to delegate the withdrawal, in addition to his / her identity document, he must show the original document of the delegator or a photocopy with a written sheet of plain paper where the data of the delegator and the data of the delegate must be reported, with justification of the delegation itself.

For any damage caused by transport:

Upon receipt of the goods, check the presence and integrity of all items covered by the order.
Any communication of anomalies or breakages must be communicated via email together with photographs of the damage found no later than 8 days from receipt of the goods.
After eight days we decline any kind of responsibility for breakages / anomalies / shortages and for any redelivery (also for absences or for wrong addresses), the cost will be borne by the recipient.
We do not accept disputes of lamps / articles assembled and installed.
We do not accept complaints for failures or breakages due to incorrect use or assembly of the article.
Once the actual anomaly / breakage has been ascertained, a replacement lamp or component will be shipped, depending on whether the problem concerns the complete lamp or only a part of it.

Shipping cost:

Location0 - 2Kg2Kg - 5Kg5Kg - 10Kg10Kg - 20Kg20Kg - 30Kg30Kg - 50Kg50Kg - 70Kg70Kg - 100Kg
Italy € 7.00 + VAT € 8.00 + VAT € 9.00 + VAT € 12.00 + VAT € 14.00 + VAT € 18.00 + VAT € 25.00 + VAT € 35.00 + VAT

Goods sent by courier always travel insured.
In the case of purchase by bank transfer, the goods will be shipped only after the payment of your order has been made.


For any type of information on products, delivery times, payment methods, product customization, please contact us by phone at 05771912779, or by e-mailinfo@samitech.itor through our pageCONTACTS;present on this site.