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Price €2,171.36

Alba bedroom wardrobe with hinged doors and bed with fixed base

Bedroom complete with hinged door wardrobe, 3-drawer chest of drawers, 1 bedside table and bed with fixed base.
The Gamma handle in dark walnut is a perfect match for the Resort mixed bed and the Tour group.
Possibility to illuminate the wardrobe with LED light milled on the sides or hat.

Price €2,576.88

Alba room, bridge wardrobe with bookcase and bed with storage unit

Fixed composition bedroom, made with ennobled or lacquered materials in MDF.
Alba room components
-Right terminal x1 H-245 with mirror door, blond walnut finish.
- Wardrobe x1 H-245 2 doors, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Cab x1 H-24, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Bookcase x1 H-245 L-35, blond walnut finish.
-Bridge x1 H-245 with 2 compartments of 45, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
- Bookcase x1 vertical bridge, silver metal finish.
-Library x1 horizontal deck, silver metal finish.
-VULCANO bed x1 with 160x190 container base, base included, blond walnut finish.

Hinged door wardrobes

The hinged door wardrobes is the classic traditional type that never goes out of fashion, the most used in all areas of the house, and in particular in the bedroom furniture where it plays the main function in terms of versatility , practicality and style .
This piece of furniture, by opening the doors, allows you to have inside the maximum view and space to store all the desired clothes in an orderly manner.
The hinged door wardrobes is a very versatile type that offers advantages such as:

  • they adapt perfectly to the space available, they can also be customized inside with drawer units, shelves and coat hanger tubes , and outside with the many handles available, each with a different door opening and each with a different design.
  • the possibility of being modular, in the sense that you can add other elements and other doors very easily.

In our online store you can choose and buy at affordable prices from the comfort of your home, from a wide range of colors and proposals that can be combined with one of the many bed groups proposed, completing it with a bed of your choice.

Sliding door wardrobes

The sliding door wardrobes represent a modern furnishing solution that organize the sleeping area with great practicality and versatility combined with a great aesthetic impact design.
Their practicality lies in the opening system of the doors which occurs through the parallel sliding of one on top of the other, this involves great savings in frontal space to the advantage of freedom of movement.
This type of wardrobe is the ideal functional solution for furnishing small bedrooms, as ergonomics are considerably increased, thus optimizing every available centimeter, where it becomes difficult to furnish the small spaces of small apartments .

It is an excellent solution even for larger homes due to its functional versatility and its elegant and clean aesthetic impact.
In our online shop you can choose your favorite shade from many finishes.
Give more space for your relaxation by combining essences and lacquers and find your well-being in a warm and reassuring environment.

Modern wardrobes

Modern wardrobes are mobile and are the ideal style solution for both the living area and the sleeping area , but it is in the latter that this type gives its best, that is, together with the bed, the main elements that occupy the spaces of the bedroom.
The bedroom of an apartment today has multiple functions, in addition to the function dedicated to rest that it had until recently, other functions have been added such as: moments dedicated to relaxation listening to your favorite music or watching TV, reading, or studying.

These pieces of furniture are perfectly suited to the furnishing of open-space environments (open spaces), i.e. where the functional spaces of each environment integrate with each other as in the living area, in fact modern wardrobes precisely due to their functionality and modularity adapt to the better in particularly narrow spaces.

Corner wardrobes

Compared to a traditional configuration, corner cabinets have the great advantage of making the most of unused corners and all the space available between two walls without waste.
This type of furniture is particularly suitable for the needs of those who own a small house, but it is also an excellent solution for large rooms, making both the aesthetic aspect pleasant.

Possibility to customize the overall dimensions

We are also attentive to the requests of our customers by offering the possibility to customize , according to their needs, variations to the height, depth and width of modern wardrobes, such as to facilitate the insertion in small spaces such as attics and mezzanines, or simply to be combined with other bedroom groups.

Cabinets of: Quality, Materials, Versatility, Design, Prices, always at the center of our thoughts

Our goal has always been to offer our customers solutions that can transform their dream of having their home as they wanted it into reality.
For this reason we are constantly looking for solutions that range from the choice and quality of the best materials (coated or painted MDF, solid wood, aluminum, zamak, various types of laminates, etc.), to finishes (lacquered, glossy or matt , shiny chrome plating, satin finishing, brushed nickel plating, etc.), design (classic, modern, minimal, contemporary, etc.).

All the factors just mentioned are carefully evaluated and selected always taking into consideration the economic aspect.
In fact, for us, our customers are the center of attention, and therefore it is of fundamental importance to find and search for our customers cheap and affordable prices in the face of made in Italy products that are always of high quality and value.