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Quality slatted frames must be supported by quality mattresses

The ideal bed system is composed not only of an excellent mattress , but also of the slatted base most suited to guaranteeing optimal rest, so a quality mattress must be supported by an equally high quality base.
The quality bed base-mattress couple is a combination that cannot be separated if we want our rest, our sleep, our psycho-physical health to be compromised.

Our different bed bases offers are compatible with mattresses of all types and sizes: from single, double, and one and a half bedsprings.
In our online store we have slatted bed base solutions for all your needs, combine it with one of our quality mattresses with our sleeping pillows and make your bed accompany your rest with maximum comfort.

Slatted base: the properties it must have to guarantee an excellent rest

When we talk about the properties that a bed base must have, first we need to understand how the human body is delineated according to the physical structure of the person in question.
The main feature that a perfect bed system must have is to prevent the spine from assuming unnatural positions, i.e. the back must not be curved or arched but remain straight and aligned with the neck.

The types of slatted base and mattress and the materials with which they are built must be chosen carefully according to specific physical factors.
For example, a mattress that is too hard and does not adapt to the protrusions of the body could create serious physical problems due to the arching of the spinal column.
The same thing is true if vice versa it is too soft or yielding in the support with the concave parts of the vertebral column, on the contrary it would arch in the opposite direction.

How to choose the slatted base and the mattress

In the choice of the bed base and the mattress it is correlated to the physical structure of the person, that is the main physical elements to keep in mind are: height, weight, type of body, way of sleeping and sex.
A soft and elastic memory or synthetic latex mattress must be combined with a more elastic slatted base that allows the mattress to move without creating depressions that compromise the correct position of the back.
In this regard, to improve the movement of the mattress even more, the optimal solution is to prefer the adjustable slatted base.

For a person who has back pain problems, the most appropriate choice should be a rigid base in such a way as to counteract the depression of the mattress due to the weight of the person, who will thus have a straight spine and not curved.
It is also advisable to purchase nets that allow easier cleaning of the space under the mattress for people who have allergies, such as that to dust or mites.

Main types of slatted frames

  • Double-arched slatted bases : it is the most used type for upholstered beds with the container underneath as it adapts well to any type of mattress. It has a sturdy iron frame where interlocking plastic supports are applied in which the curved beech slats are then inserted.
  • Unique slatted bases : unlike the previous model, the central metal crossbar that "divided" the bed in half by two series of slats, is now located under a single series of slats that are purposely thicker and straighter and no longer curved. The bed base therefore acquires greater elastic rigidity, in fact this is the most suitable type to be combined with orthopedic mattresses.
  • Traditional slatted bases with transversal belts : through the use of some transversal belts which in practice replace some of the slats, the elasticity of the slats is limited, making the bed base more robust and less prone to breakage.
  • Metal slats with adjustable lumbar supports : in practice some slats coupled one above the other, through the adjustment of the position of the two respective elastic bands that join them allow to decrease or increase their elastic resistance. These adjustments are especially useful where the areas of the body most subject to pressure during rest are found, such as the hips and shoulders.
  • Slatted metal bases with independent risers : these types of bases allow you to raise or lower the leg or torso area at will through independent mechanisms (4 mechanisms for the double bed and 2 for the single bed).
  • Slatted bed bases with wooden frame : they have a structure completely in solid wood or plywood, this type of bed base is the favorite of those who love warm and natural materials. The curved beech slats are inserted into the rectangular section structure through special plastic inserts, which can be adjusted to increase or not lumbar rigidity.
  • Slatted slats adjustable oscillating on rubber : in this typology groups of thin slats are held together with rubber supports giving great elasticity and ensuring maximum ergonomics to the bed-mattress system.
  • Slatted slats adjustable and oscillating with independent lifts : similar to the previous type but with the added convenience of independently raising and tilting the torso and leg area. Furthermore, spring mattresses cannot be used for this type of bed base as they are not suitable for folding, but it is necessary to use "sheet" mattresses.
  • Motorized wooden slats with remote control : in this type the adjustment of the independent inclination of the bust area and that of the legs, instead of being done manually, takes place via two motors (for the double) by means of the remote control.
  • Motorized slats with double curvature slats : these motorized slats are like the previous one but with the difference that the central slats of the lumbar area have a double curvature in order to allow greater elasticity and comfort in those areas of the body. These must obviously be combined with two single slab mattresses.
  • Motorized slatted bases with adjustable supports on rubber : like the type "Slatted slats adjustable oscillating on rubber" but with the addition of motorizations for the inclination of the lumbar area and legs. This type of network represents the maximum result in terms of well-being and comfort of the category.

Measurements and dimensions of the networks

The standard measures of the slatted bases as for the measures of the mattresses , can be summarized in three categories according to whether they must adapt to the formats of double, single or single beds.

  • slatted frames for single beds : the measurements are generally 80-90 cm in width and 190-210 in length.
  • slatted base with a square and a half : it has a width that varies between 120 and 130 cm for the same order of length.
  • double slatted base : 160-180 cm wide.

As regards the height in slatted frames, we usually speak of the height of the bed surface of fixed slatted frames as the sum of the frame and legs, of which the most common measures are: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 cm bed height with slatted base.

Bed bases and mattresses: when to replace it

The average life of a mattress is about 13/15 years, but a good indicator that the mattress you have is no longer for you is that of a slight backache in the morning upon waking, which then passes within a half an hour.
Furthermore, the mattress ages but our body also changes, and perhaps, due to pathologies or pains in the joints, we have to face the idea of changing the mattress if not even the bed base.
Not to mention the accumulation over time of mites and dust, which can affect our rest or exacerbate allergies already present.

In our online showroom we have bed base and mattress solutions for every request. Whether you are planning to place it in your new home or you are renovating the existing one, contact us without obligation and we will certainly find the right solution for your needs.