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Bed bases and mattresses

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Bed bases and mattresses: a guide to the right choice

Sleep is essential for our rest and, if we think about it, we spend a good part of our life in bed: it is therefore very important to carefully choose the mattress and the underlying base, to have truly regenerating sleep and to maintain a correct back posture, thus avoiding annoying discomfort due to disturbed rest.
There are many types of bed base and mattress, to choose according to your personal needs, the environment in which we live and even thinking about the position taken during sleep.
Themattressmust support the body in a mannerergonomic, the spine must be able to resume its natural curvature. To be sure you have chosen the right mattress you need to have the sensation of floating, without feeling any pressure.

Mattresses in different materials

Mattresses today are made of many different materials, here is a first categorization:

  • Latex mattresses: the latex can be of natural origin, ie obtained from the rubber tree, or of a mixed nature, therefore composed of a part of natural rubber and a part of synthetic material. The peculiarity of a latex mattress is that, despite being quite rigid, it adapts to the contours of the body in a very flexible way and distributes the pressure evenly. Particularly suitable for those who move a lot in their sleep and often change position, it is also recommended for all those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Despite these characteristics, it is a fairly heavy mattress.
  • Spring mattresses: These are the mattresses of the collective imagination and are still the most widely used. The inside of the mattress is made up of many helical springs that support the weight of the body. We also often talk aboutpocket spring mattressbecause each spring is enclosed in a "bag" to avoid contact and friction between the springs themselves. Really suitable for everyone, particularly suitable for more robust people, it is a type of mattress that lasts over time. They are often lined with latex or memory foam.
  • Memory Foam mattresses: This material technically composed of apolyurethane foamwhich adapts very well to the body, retains its heat and is therefore particularly suitable for cold climates or people with cold temperatures. You must be careful to ventilate the mattress well when you wake up because it tends to absorb moisture. One of the advantages of this type of mattress is that, unlike the others, it is rather light and therefore easy to handle for transport or to make the bed.

Mattress: how to recognize when to replace it

Thereaverage durationof a mattress is about 13/15 years old, but a good indicator that the mattress you have is no longer for you is that of a slight backache in the morning upon waking, which then passes within half an hour .
Furthermore, the mattress ages but also our body changes, and perhaps, due to pathologies or pains in the joints, we must face the idea of changing the mattress if not even thebed network.
Do not forget the accumulation over time of mites and dust, which can affect our rest or exacerbate allergies already present.

The network is certainly not an element to be underestimated

In fact, it is often useless to focus all our efforts on choosing a good mattress if the base that supports it is not up to par.
In recent years, the structure of the bed base has evolved hand in hand with the mattress, and now the bed base with slats seems to be universally accepted, even if there are still different types.

  • Slatted base in wood or iron:the difference is essentially aesthetic, as the network with thewooden slatsit evokes the sensation of warmth and therefore of a higher quality, while the iron one may seem more Spartan. In reality, in terms of strength and durability they are equivalent products
  • Bed bases with fixed slats or electric slats:in this case the difference is enormous, because the bed base with electric slats allows the complete movement of the bed, and they are very comfortable and above all useful in the health field, think for example of people with circulation problems, or who cannot sleep fully lying down. Be careful because with themotorized networksi cannot be usedspring mattresses,you risk damaging the internal springs. There are also networks with slatsmechanicalis,whose positioning is manual.
  • Bed bases with or without shock absorber: in the case of amortized bed bases, the slats are placed on plastic supports that favor the elasticity of the support, accompanying the movements during sleep, while those without shock absorbers provide more static support.

In general, there is no exact rule that tells us which bed base or which mattress to choose, it depends a lot on the specific needs of each one and on the budget available; in our shop you will find a selection of the best products on the market but do not hesitate to contact us for information or clarifications.