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Price €1,003.70

Ivo bathroom, space-saving, depth 35 cm, ash elm color

All at your fingertips an essential but complete composition in which each element expresses its function with character. The diagonal cut of the washbasin and the unique design of the open elements.

Base 2 drawers W 90 Materic Ash Elm.
CERAMIC washbasin top setup.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100.
2 shelves A Materico Olmo Cenere L 45.

Price €1,067.22

Sirio bathroom depth 45, Knotted White color, Matt Papaya Lacquered

Original wall unit with shelf in a practical composition.

Base 2 drawers W 35/2 doors W 70 cm White knotted material.
Integrated GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 75 H 62.5 cm.
White Knotted Materic Wall Unit W 30 H 50 cm.
White Knotted Materic Shelf F - Matt Papaya Lacquered Materic Backrest W 105 cm, Left.

Price €1,146.92

Ares bathroom depth 45 cm, Ash Elm color

Countertop washbasin on the base, drawers with elegant handle.

Base 2 drawers W 120 cm Materic Ash Elm.
GEACRYL countertop washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp ø 80.
Matt white wall unit.
Ideal Color suspended element.

Price €1,187.34

Alfio bathroom depth 35 cm, space-saving, white color, papaya

Modern essences with neutral tones ensure a relaxing atmosphere, but a colorful detail is enough to add personality. The columns decorate the wall.
The columns decorate the wall and the semi-recessed washbasin becomes a piece of furniture.

Base 3 drawers W 60 White knotted material.
Semi-recessed_GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100.
Shelf A Materic Knotted White L 45.
Shelf A Materic Knotted L 45 Matt Papaya Lacquer.

Price €1,233.54

Kevin bathroom, space-saving 35 cm depth, Light Gray Oak color

Lots of useful space in a small bathroom.
A large base and a comfortable support surface enhance the practicality of the bathroom furniture.

Base 2 drawers W 50, 2 doors W 70 cm. Materic Tranchè, Light Gray Oak.
CERAMIC washbasin top setup.
Mirror with lamp W 120 H 75 cm.
Shelf C. Materico Tranchè Light Gray Oak L 30 cm.

Price €1,320.17

Venus bathroom depth 50 cm, Matt Hemp color

The open wall units integrated in the mirror highlight the objects necessary for body care.

Base 2 drawers W 105 cm Ideal Color Matt Hemp.
CERAMIC washbasin top coverslim.
Mirror with lamp W 105 H 62.5 cm.
Shelf B Ideal Color Matt Hemp L 30 cm.
G4 Ideal Shelf in Matt Hemp Color L 105 cm.

Price €1,394.08

Sanseno bathroom depth 45 cm, Matt Hemp color, Natural Oak

Neutral shades and essential elements for an easy-to-open composition, thanks to the simplicity of the handle. A bathroom with plenty of space, inside and out, to be enjoyed every day.

Door base L 30 cm / 2 drawers W 90 cm. Ideal Color, Matt Hemp.
CERAMICA pink washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 90 H 75 cm.
Ideal Wall Unit Color Matt Hemp W 30 H 50 cm.
Materico Tranchè open wall unit in Natural Oak W 30 H 25.

Price €1,621.62

Rovigo bathroom, depth 50 cm, color Terranova Opaco, Platino Opaco

The glass washbasin combined with the gray of the base and wall units give elegance to the Rovigo bathroom.

Base 2 drawers W 70 cm / door W 50 cm Ideal Color Terranova Opaco.
Integrated GLASS washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100 cm.
C Ideal Color Shelf, Matt Platinum L 30 cm.
Ideal Color open wall unit, Matt Platinum L 30 H 25 cm.

Price €1,845.69

Lido bathroom depth 50 cm, color Iris Matt White

The composition with the double sink is created to give everyone their own space.

Base 4 drawers W 140 cm Ideal Color Iris Opaco.
CERAMIC washbasin top coverslim.
Mirror with lamp W 40 H 100 cm.
Materic matt white lacquered open wall unit W 15 H 100 cm.

Complete bathroom and online trade

When we are preparing to buy bathroom furniture for the new house or to renovate it, we must arm ourselves with patience and go to shops and outlets in search of the best quality and design accessories while looking for convenience, this naturally implies a lot of time to spend. .
But in the computer age there is a viable alternative, online commerce; we at bring you our online store directly to your home where you can easily consult, choose and buy with a simple click of the mouse among many complete bathroom solutions.

Therefore, one of the advantages of online commerce is certainly the possibility of seeing from your own home the many detailed quality images of the articles concerned, each of which is correlated by clear and complete descriptions.
Our online store offers a wide range of solutions for the modern complete bathroom composition, you can choose from many new ideas of great trend, to create functional compositions with suspended or fixed furniture at affordable prices.

Full bathroom: with floor furniture or suspended furniture

To furnish a complete bathroom it is usually a good rule to adopt the same style of furniture, that is, the basic idea is to give the bathroom the usual design line by adopting sanitary fittings and furnishing accessories specially designed to give a uniform appearance.
A contemporary furniture is typically characterized by essential lines, the fixed sanitary fixtures make this style a little more "classic" with more important storage capacity, the suspended ones are the most suitable choice for all those who love to see the flooring freeing up such spaces and giving the bathroom area more airy and light shapes.

The choice of modern bathroom fixtures for a complete bathroom

The main components in composing a complete bathroom are certainly the sanitary fixtures: the toilet and the bidet. These two elements, to be chosen and purchased in pairs, are generally made of white porcelain (vitreous china) or in a version with colored glaze and equipped with taps and drain.
The modern style solutions are very elegant and offer different variants, such as sanitary ware with floor standing furniture, or with suspended furniture, rather than monobloc ones with cistern.
The all-white sanitary ware without base with glossy, opaque or white steel taps give a chic look that is always up-to-date, choosing “clean” shapes, squared or rounded on the edges.

Modern shower and bathtub

Another choice that must be faced when designing a bathroom is whether to focus on the shower or the tub. Of course the elements to be taken into consideration depend on various aspects:

  • from personal taste;
  • from the space available, in the larger bathrooms both can coexist very well, in the smaller ones instead it is more appropriate to prefer the shower.

In a complete modern bathroom, the shower is clearly the easiest to put together and the most current, especially in small rooms. As a rule of common sense you should choose one that responds to the style of your bathroom, for example, essential and minimalist, with steel elements and not very showy, separated from the rest of the environment by glass or crystal.
While the bathtub as well as being more bulky can be a real piece of furniture, with a retro design for vintage settings or minimal lines for a more modern furniture.

Modern bathroom sinks

Another of the main components for the composition of a complete bathroom is certainly the sink.
Like the shower or the bathtub, the sink, in addition to the functional aspect, is a real piece of furniture.
A modern and contemporary style offers multiple solutions, both for shapes and for materials such as ceramic, stone and resin.
As for the choice of dimensions, it is first advisable to carefully evaluate the surface and the shape of the bathroom and according to this design the piece of furniture on which the sink will be set up or built in as a sink too large in length or depth waste of space even if equipped with two taps, while one that is too small risks being unusable.

Bathroom mixers: taps for every need

The faucets for the complete bathroom include a series of specific elements for each function: such as the normal sink faucet, or the bidet faucet, or the one to be inserted in the shower cabin or to be used for the bathtub, each of which can be of one type. different, depending on your needs.
In our online store you will also find a wide range of mixers for sale from the classic single-lever to the dual-control ones.
As for the double-control mixers, you can therefore choose between a single-hole accessory, that is with the knobs inserted directly into the body of the tap, or with three holes, that is, with the controls positioned externally.
All these variants are adaptable to various needs and elements, from the sink, to the shower to the bathtub.