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Barina New outdoor armchair in natural fibers

Rattan outdoor armchair, with cushion CC Barina New x 4 pcs.

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Rattan, finishing with melamine paint, removable polyester cushion. It is recommended not to expose to direct sunlight and bad weather. Stackable. Packaging without cardboard. Materials: natural fibers.
Measurements: Lar Ghezza - Length 57 - 61 Height - 80 Seat Height - Height armrest 49 - 66 cm.

Outdoor seating: furnishing accessories for your outdoor space

If you're lucky enough to have a space outside your home, it's certainly the best place to stay outdoors on sunny days and spend relaxing moments alone reading a book or with family or laughing and joking with friends.
Whether it's a garden, a terrace, a balcony, a patio, etc., it doesn't matter, the important thing however is that your outdoor space can be fully experienced, to do this one of the indispensable furnishing accessories is undoubtedly the seats from outside .
The furniture for outdoor spaces, if designed with the right precautions, will pay you back in terms of comfort , functionality , aesthetic appeal , practicality and ease of maintenance .

In this section or category we will give a general overview of outdoor seating which will then be treated in their respective categories:

Outdoor seating: how and where to place them

Before choosing and then buying one or more types of outdoor seating, you will need to consider where in your garden: balcony, terrace, patio, etc., to place it and if you have enough space to place it without them being in the way at the passage and possibly try to avoid an excessive gathering of these complements.

So you will have to measure and check the space available, generally considering leaving a free space in front of at least 70 centimeters in order to allow the necessary movement without having to do strange stunts, thus avoiding falling.

If, for example, you have a small terrace available, you will necessarily have to position it with your back leaning against the wall, perhaps under the shade of an awning.
While in a garden it is better to place the outdoor sofa in the most pleasant panoramic point in order to fully enjoy the best view in complete relaxation, perhaps under the cool shade of the trees away from the sun's rays.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is a good rule to choose the style of outdoor seating that is in tune and in harmony with the furnishings already present both inside and outside the house.
This combination can be done with the furniture already present in the house by playing both with the colors of the fabrics and with those of the structures, but also by playing with the shapes of the various types.
Furthermore, by combining with taste and knowledge you can also choose an outdoor chair that goes well with an outdoor table , perhaps all placed under the cool shade of a gazebo or an umbrella , in short, the furnishing possibilities are limited only to your own imagination.

The advice just described will allow you to consciously choose any type of outdoor seating you prefer without getting confused, thus avoiding the hassle of repurchasing due to hasty decisions such as realizing that that model is too bulky; result: annoyance, waste of time and money.
Outdoor furniture today offers many solutions at attractive prices, so even with limited budgets we can find the right solution for your outdoor space.

How to choose outdoor seating

The factors that determine the choice of one type of eternal seat instead of another are mainly:

  • the construction materials that best resist atmospheric agents,
  • fabrics (padding and cushions).

On the market, the choice of materials is quite wide, but basically we can choose between three types of natural materials , synthetic materials and metallic materials :

  • For natural materials, wood remains one of the most used materials, with an elegant and chic style, but at the same time it is a material that requires maintenance.
    Types of materials that are always natural but more resistant to atmospheric agents are: teak , mahogany , balau , iroko , wicker , these materials do not require particular care.
    Furthermore, rattan is a natural material that is increasingly gaining ground as an alternative to wood for making the structure of outdoor seating.
  • If the choice of a type of outdoor seat is oriented towards ease of cleaning, which requires no maintenance and which is particularly economical, then you can opt for synthetic materials such as polyrattan . which is none other than synthetic rattan , that is the synthetic imitation of rattan.
    The plastic materials as well as those in resin , are in fact easy to clean and very cheap, they are very light and can be found in many models for every aesthetic taste: from the more modern and contemporary to those with more classic lines.
  • With regard to metal materials, outdoor sofas in wrought iron have certainly always had an irresistible charm, in short, this material, even if heavy, is truly versatile, robust and resistant to bad weather over time, but which however needs periodic care to avoid that they rust.
    Another material certainly worthy of particular attention which has characteristics similar to iron is certainly aluminum . In fact, the aluminum structure is similarly robust and resistant to atmospheric agents and does not require particular maintenance, but above all they are much lighter than the iron ones and therefore easier to move and transport.

A bit all the outdoor seats to be comfortable in the seat, the purchase of fabrics such as padding or cushions must also be foreseen.
The padding and cushions are an important piece of furniture, as they must guarantee maximum seating comfort and have quality, stain-resistant, anti-mold fabrics resistant to intense sunny days and heavy rain during summer storms.
Among the most used and requested materials:

  • cotton is a classic for cushion fabrics, which allows you to create the design according to your aesthetic tastes with infinite patterns;
  • texilene is a synthetic material made up of a weave of polyester fibers covered with a PVC sheath, capable of resisting compressive stress, tearing, atmospheric agents and UV rays;
  • Acrylic is also a very durable synthetic material and is resistant to fading, mold and shrinkage.
  • dry fast foam is the most used material for the internal padding of the cushion, it is a synthetic foam that dries quickly and easily in case of rain.

Outdoor seating: our types

Our online shop samitech.it offers you below a series of types of outdoor seating for its customers by specifically choosing the best quality materials and designs:

  • the outdoor sofa represents an excellent solution to complete the furnishing of your outdoor space.
    is one of the most requested and loved pieces of furniture for those who have an available outdoor space: a garden, a balcony, a terrace, a porch, etc.
    This type of outdoor seat makes the moments spent in your outdoor space comfortable, increasing relaxation whether you are alone or in the company of family and guests.
    Samitech.it offers you a wide range of models that will meet the needs of your outdoor space in terms of: different materials , shapes and colors , cushions .
  • the outdoor armchair also this type of outdoor seat is one of the essential furnishing accessories for the comfort and aesthetic appearance of your outdoor space. Unlike the outdoor sofa, it can be placed in smaller spaces such as a small terrace, or in a corner of the garden, but it is also perfect for large outdoor environments as it can be placed, for example inside a outdoor lounge .
  • the outdoor bench are very practical, functional pieces of furniture and able to beautify your outdoor spaces such as gardens, verandas or terraces. A garden bench is the ideal solution to be inserted and create a relaxation corner, where you can sit down, relax and enjoy the beautiful spring and summer days.
    In our online store you can choose from the many variations in terms of shapes, colors and styles with or without a container to collect small objects, in short, a type of seat capable of reviving your outdoor space and making it more welcoming.
  • Outdoor poufs are a type of very functional and decorative outdoor seating, which in addition to providing a comfortable seat, furnish your outdoor space with an extra touch of class and originality.
    Samitech.it offers you many types of outdoor poufs, with different styles and made with the most varied materials such as: bag-shaped ones that adapt more easily to the shape of the body, cubic ones, or sphere-shaped ones; each with different geometries and patterns and products with the most particular fabrics.