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Folding beds: how to choose the best ones

Having a folding bed is always useful for emergency occasions, even when some friend or relative knocks on the door by surprise. A portable bed is convenient to use anywhere, indoors as well as outdoors, camping or by the sea for sunbathing.
When choosing a folding bed, you will have to consider some factors, for example, the frequency of use, the intended use, the quality of the materials, the size of the structure and the type of mattress.
In our online store we have solutions for folding slatted beds for all your needs, combine it with one of our quality mattresses and our sleeping pillows, and make your bed accompany your rest with maximum comfort.

Folding beds: types

There are two main types of folding bed: for internal use and for external use.
The folding camp bed for outdoor use that is reserved for guests and can be a camp bed equipped with a mattress and wooden slats or metal nets.
The folding bed for use is a more basic and more practical bed to assemble and disassemble, ideal to be used when camping, at the beach or during outings to rest. This cot takes up little space when disassembled and is easy to transport in the trunk of a car.
Most of the foldable beds have standard dimensions, which means that when open they are very similar to a traditional single bed of 190 x 80 cm, while when closed they should measure approximately 105 x 80 cm.
There are double or one-and-a-half versions to comfortably accommodate two adults, but in these cases you will have to compromise on the practical side, as they are not suitable for those who do not have a particularly large area to store them.
In addition to the dimensions, it is also necessary to evaluate the solidity and sturdiness of the frame, especially if the intention is to want it intact for several years, it is good to make sure that the materials with which it is made are stable and treated with anti-rust procedures to prevent them from deteriorating. quickly.
Another detail not to be overlooked is the opening and closing mechanism, which should be quite intuitive and simple to operate, even better if equipped with suitable safety locks that give a certain stability to the structure when it is open, avoiding unpleasant accidents.

Wooden slats or metal nets in the folding cots

The most popular models on the market have wooden slats or metal nets, both of which are suitable for supporting the mattress included in the equipment.
The folding beds with slats are more comfortable and stable, but have a heavier structure than the economic models with traditional bed base, the choice or not must be evaluated according to the intended use.
In the event that the cot will remain on a permanent basis in a specific area of the house to be opened only when needed, the wooden slats are preferred if you want to guarantee well-being and comfort to your guests.
If, on the other hand, the need is to take the cot on a camping trip or on a trip out of town, it is better to prefer a model in metal or aluminum as it is lighter and more compact.

The construction materials of the folding beds

A key element in folding cots is the quality of the construction materials, whether it's a portable model with a bag or that simply folds in two.
The frame structure must be made of resistant metal, which guarantees a good and safe carrying capacity, even if subjected to strong stresses by heavier people.
They can be made of iron or aluminum, and must be treated and worked correctly to avoid the risk of yielding or deforming.
The bed base must also meet the robustness criteria, whether it is made of wooden or metal slats in order to guarantee reliability and comfort.
The frame closing system is practical, sturdy but above all safe, so that it is easy to handle to install and disassemble quickly.

The mattress

The presence or absence of a mattress depends on the type of use for which the cot is intended.
A folding bed, which can also be orthopedic, is generally equipped with a 10 cm thick mattress, so that it can offer as much comfort as possible.
The typical camper bed can be comfortable even without a mattress on its surface.
However, it is possible to add an additional soft thickness on the base of the cot to increase its comfort.
The folding beds with mattress included must be taken into account to ensure optimal rest, which does not lose shape and consistency when the structure is closed for prolonged periods.
Those in memory foam, in the case of folding cots often turn out to be unsuitable because that annoying line is formed in the center that could compromise the quality of sleep.
Therefore, it is always preferable to choose a thinner model whose padding does not deform after some time; but in any case it is good practice to open the bed from time to time and turn the mattress periodically.

Accessories that make the difference in folding beds

When buying a folding bed the main requirements are functionality and practicality, two characteristics that are also closely linked to the accessories supplied with the chosen model.
Certainly important are the wheels, whose presence allows easy movement from one room to another and without having to lift the entire structure.
An anti-dust sheet, which allows the product to be stored adequately, without fear that dirt and molds affect the structure, compromising its stability and efficiency.
For a camp bed, a carrying bag could be handy, perhaps with handles and a zip closure to facilitate movement during trips and excursions.