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Sliding Door Wardrobes

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Sliding door wardrobes: elegance and ergonomics of bedroom spaces

The sliding door wardrobes represent a modern furnishing solution that organizes the sleeping area with great practicality and versatility combined with a great aesthetic impact design.
This type of furniture greatly increases the ergonomics of the bedroom by optimizing every available centimeter where it becomes difficult to furnish the small spaces of small apartments.
It is also an excellent solution for larger homes due to its functional versatility and its elegant and clean aesthetic impact.

Sliding door wardrobe: practicality and functionality are the salient qualities

The practicality of the sliding door wardrobes lies in the door opening system that occurs through the parallel sliding of one above the other, this involves great savings in frontal space and ease of positioning inside the room to the advantage of freedom of movement. and for this reason that the sliding door wardrobe is the ideal functional solution for furnishing small bedrooms .

Elegance and style is ensured with wardrobes with sliding doors

The other peculiarity that distinguishes this type of wardrobes is undoubtedly the aesthetic impact that is noticed upon entering the bedroom, you immediately feel that sensation of breath and lightness of the forms, combined with that sense of cleanliness and balance that emanates from the its appearance in the sleeping area.
All our proposals offer our customers furnishing solutions that combine practicality, ergonomics and elegance that can be customized according to the most diverse tastes and needs.

In our shop you can choose from a wide range of models, with styles, materials and finishes and sizes that best suit the personality of your bedroom.
Our models stand out for their clean and linear lines due to the absence of knobs and handles, reducing aesthetics to the essential, making them perfect when combined with beds, bedroom groups and furnishing accessories.
The large doors allow you to play with finishes and materials, for example the version with mirrored doors creates aesthetic effects in the sleeping area, the contrast of materials and surfaces creates dynamism within the room, breaking the visual continuity given by a single finish.

Wardrobe with sliding doors or wardrobe with doors? We help you choose

Ask for the advice of one of our interior designers who, based on your expectations, will be able to advise you in choosing the wardrobe that best suits your ergonomic, functional and aesthetic needs.
Here are some comparative aspects to keep in mind for the two types of wardrobe:

  • In the sliding wardrobe with sliding doors they do not obstruct the free internal spaces of the room, while in the hinged one it is necessary to consider that the free space intercepted by the opening of the doors is occupied.
  • In the wardrobe with hinged doors , two people can access the interior simultaneously, as they can all be opened at the same time, showing all the contents; an operation which, on the other hand, cannot be performed with the other model, since one door slides over the other.

Many wardrobe solutions suitable for every need

In our online store we have many varieties and solutions of wardrobes with sliding doors such as to satisfy every type of need, always with an eye to the convenience of prices in relation to the high quality standard that we offer to our customers.
The spaces inside the wardrobe are optimized so that everything can be stored neatly among these you can choose:

  • Wardrobe with drawers or large drawers with removable shelves that allow you to also house bags, shoes, scarves, etc.
  • Wardrobes with clothes racks, shirt racks, tie racks, trouser racks with removable shelves that allow you to also house bags, shoes, scarves, etc., with internal lighting with LED lights to find everything more easily.
  • Wardrobe with bookcase : preparation of shelves for the composition of an end bookcase .

Possibility to customize the overall dimensions

We are also attentive to the requests of our customers by offering the possibility to customize, according to their needs, variations to the height, depth and width of modern wardrobes, such as to facilitate the insertion in small spaces such as attics and mezzanines, or simply to be combined with other bedroom groups.