Bathroom floor lamps

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Bathroom floor lamps

The bathroom stands are equipped furnishing accessories, that is, they can be equipped with different bathroom accessories.
They can be used, for example, as a towel holder, to support toilet paper rolls or to house the toilet brush, towel holder, or even the most equipped ones as magazine racks.
The floor lamps are space-saving accessories as they can be placed in any corner of the bathroom making the most of the available space, and they can also be easily moved as needed, for example when you want to clean the floor.

Precisely for their practicality and versatility in their easy movement, the fixing of the same to the walls is avoided, leaving them free and intact of all the necessary processes.
Of course, the design of these accessories plays a fundamental role in bathroom furnishings because they complement the style of furniture.
So for the floor lamps you can find on the market a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and different accessories, we at have a wide variety of models suitable for every need at affordable prices, consult our online store and choose your favorite, you can buy directly with a simple click.

Bathroom floor lamps: a versatile accessory

The different accessories that make up a floor lamp give maximum versatility to the bathroom, without weighing down the spaces, keeping the room tidy and thus increasing its design.
They can be equipped with various accessories, all rotatable on a central support: roll holder, toilet brush, soap holder, towel holder, etc.
The possibility of having many tools on a single base makes the bathroom floor lamps real space-saving solutions, especially for small bathroom furniture.
The floor lamps are made of brass and enriched with colored glass, natural or white ceramic. they can truly change the look of the bathroom by making it more refined.

Refine the style of the bathroom with bathroom stands

The bathroom area is the place in the house dedicated to the care of one's body, therefore an intimate space where everything must convey that feeling of well-being.
In other words, all the bathroom furnishings, from the choice of bathroom fixtures, flooring, coverings and accessories, must have the final result of making this place as intimate and pleasant as possible, just as we want it.

The floor lamps are accessories are indispensable objects for their functionality but they make the difference because they give the whole bathroom refined style and design.
The furnishing accessories must be chosen according to and in harmony with the style that has been given to the bathroom environment in order not to create incorrect contrasts that would compromise the look.

Free standing bathroom toilet and bidet area

The toilet paper holder and toilet brush holder bathroom stands are essential basic accessories in the toilet and bidet area and allow you to store and keep the bathroom tidy.
The combined versions can also be composed of additional accessories such as:

  • the toilet paper holder,
  • the toilet brush holder,
  • the soap holder,
  • the liquid soap dispenser,
  • the towel holder
  • the towel holder
  • Free-standing bathroom sink area

The bathroom stands for the washbasin area are usually positioned precisely near the washbasin. They have fixed or adjustable arms for various accessories such as the towel holder and the towel holder. These furnishing accessories have the great advantage of being able to be placed on the ground and in any small space available, above all avoiding drilling the tiles or the wall.
As for the overall dimensions, we start from small bases of 12x10 cm with heights usually up to that of the sink.
For the materials there are on the market they can be thermo-resistant resins, steel, wood, or ceramic.

Tall bathroom floor lamps

The bathroom stands, on the other hand, are furnishing accessories that are used to hang bathrobes, bath towels or towels that do not find a place on the lower stands because they are already occupied by other accessories.
This type of upright has sturdy and safe bases also depending on the height higher than the types described above, they too can be quickly moved according to the need of the moment and do not need to be fixed to the wall through holes for the dowels.
Also in this typology the most commonly used construction materials are steel, wood and thermo-resistant resins.
With regard to design, in our online store you can choose and buy with a click from the comfort of your home at affordable prices, from a wide range of models suitable for the look of your bathroom, in classic or modern style.