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Bedroom Groups

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Medea group finishes blond walnut, mink

Medea group finishes blond walnut, mink

Medea group made in melamine wood and colored finishes.
The front, with a particular folding process, is available in all Essenza finishes.
Chest of drawers: L.122 P.53 H.67
Suspended bedside table: L.40 P.43 H.24
Bedside table: (glass case of your choice) L.40 P.43 H.30

Bedroom groups: furnishing accessories for the sleeping area

Bedroom groups or simply night groups are all those pieces of furniture that complete and give order to the sleeping area.
In the bedroom, in addition to the wardrobe and the bed, the night groups play a key role in the economy of your environment.

The practical function of these versatile elements is to organize and contain clothes, linens and objects of daily use; in addition to functionality, however, the undisputed charm and aesthetic beauty of these furnishing accessories must be added.
From the dresser, to the cupboards , passing through bedside tables and tallboy we will be able to better organize the spaces of the bedroom.

Bedroom groups: the furniture that completes the furnishing of a bedroom

The two main furnishing elements that make up the sleeping area are the bed and the wardrobe, but the furniture that complements it in an essential way, which cannot be missing are:

All these elements complete the bedroom allowing you to expand the space of the wardrobes to accommodate smaller clothing.
The bedroom groups proposed are the ideal choice to buy at a good price an excellent base for composing the sleeping area of high quality and modern design.
The various combinations of these elements are characterized by great attention to style and functionality, to allow you to have a comfortable sleeping area suitable for all your needs.

Bedroom groups: Dressers and bedside tables

Among the bedroom groups there are chest of drawers and bedside tables are not only storage units, but are elements that also lend themselves to being "aesthetically" useful and practical support surfaces; that is, suitable to be embellished with a lamp, abat-jour, rather than an ornament and so on, in addition to the functionality of supporting objects of frequent use.
For this category of furniture they also allow three storage solutions:

  • resting on the floor in the classic way by means of real "legs".
  • in direct contact with the floor, i.e. without supporting legs.
  • “suspended furniture” furniture, that is the type for which the placement takes place by fixing to the wall.

Bedroom groups: modern tallboy

It is a type of piece of furniture equipped with seven vertical drawers, also called weekly, which also acts as a container for clothing, linen, personal items, etc.
At the same time it is the ideal solution as a support surface for lamps, doilies and various accessories.
In the sleeping area, the modern septet is a very versatile piece of furniture, which can adapt to any type of furniture and in very small spaces.
Its design communicates a sense of order and cleanliness and gives the modern bedroom a containing function, also becoming a decorative element of great effect.

Bedroom groups: chest of drawers

Similar to dressers and bedside tables, it has almost the same type of organization functionality as small garments, but its dimensional development is generally horizontally.
In bedroom groups, the chest of drawers is an almost indispensable piece of furniture, thanks to its spacious drawers for storing clothes or filing documents.
Versatility is undoubtedly the main peculiarity of this piece of furniture, it can also be perfectly inserted in other contexts, such as an entrance, a corridor, a study / office or a living room.
A chest of drawers is suitable for multiple uses and functions, it is a pleasant support surface for lamps, paintings, ornaments or vases with flowers, thus also playing a role in embellishing the environment where it is placed.

Bedroom groups: bedroom bed

The bedroom bed is the main element, the "heart", which occupies the most important space of the sleeping area, dedicated above all to rest and comfort; but nowadays, in modern homes, it has also become the room dedicated to relaxation, where you can retreat to read a book, listen to music, or watch on TV.
Depending on the room where the bed is to be placed, it can be a double bed, for the children's room, for a room with a study for children, for a bed corner of a small studio flat, or in another room of the house ready to be transformed into a extra room for guests.
The multiple solutions available for the bedroom bed effectively combine functionality, versatility and aesthetics.

Consult our online store to choose from a wide choice of bedroom groups that meet your aesthetic and functional tastes, you will surely find high quality and value products at really cheap prices.