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Kitchen mixers: each element has its importance

We want every room in the house as much as possible in line with our aesthetic taste and that has the functionality and practicality necessary for your needs that can last over time. To make this happen all the components, all the elements that make up the environment must contribute to creating the desired effect.
In the case of your kitchen, you will certainly want an environment that gives a visual impact that pleases your style and your practical needs, so the choice of elements must be made according to your final aesthetic-functional goal. From this point of view, one of the most important elements of this environment are undoubtedly kitchen mixers or kitchen taps as they help to define the style and functionality of the whole room.
In the online store many models of kitchen mixers and kitchen taps are on sale: products of various types, which will match well with kitchens of any style; high quality materials, different shapes and colors, to be combined with washbasins and coverings of different styles.

Kitchen mixers: quality and resistance

A kitchen mixer or kitchen faucet must not only be functional and beautiful to look at, but must have resistance and durability requirements, in fact this is one of the most used and exploited elements in the home every day.
The kitchen mixer or kitchen faucet is certainly the object that is most stressed in the house due to the repeated activations of the operating elements, just think of the countless times the handle is operated or the knob of the tap is turned, or for example how many times the extractable shower is extracted to clean pots and sinks or the food itself; not to mention the fact that at the same time as the repeated activations, the kitchen mixer or kitchen faucet is continuously "flooded" by many types of liquids and various more or less acidic substances, which can compromise their efficiency and duration early if purchased badly quality.
Therefore it is essential to consider these aspects when preparing to purchase kitchen mixers or kitchen taps as they are specific elements for use in this environment.
Furthermore, both in terms of design and functions, they are very different from bathroom mixers or bathroom taps , as they are subject to different needs and uses; in fact, kitchen mixers or kitchen taps are more manageable and simple to use , so as to allow you to easily wash dishes and food.
Browsing through this section you will find many models of kitchen mixers or bathroom taps, such as single-control taps, but also dual-control models to be inserted on the sink.

Types of kitchen mixers

There are different types of kitchen mixers and kitchen taps each having different functionality and design.
Unlike those for sinks, they have a longer outlet spout, this allows you to direct the flow of water into the sink tubs.
As for the materials used, the choice is varied, in fact there are mixers in steel, brass, chromed brass, bronze, copper, crystal, or in synthetic materials such as rubber or plastic.

  • High spout kitchen mixers , this model has the advantage of allowing greater ease in the water filling operation of a large pot, without having to tilt it and then washing and rinsing becomes easy thanks to precise control and flexibility of the tap with high spout, even with the sink full.
    This is the solution in private homes but above all, in the version with the high barrel they are widely used in the kitchens of restaurants, industrial canteens and hotels.
  • Kitchen mixer with pull -out shower, is a typology that has as its peculiarity the simplicity of use as it allows you to easily adjust the water jet thus offering you maximum freedom of movement and maximum adaptability in your kitchen.
    In addition, the kitchen mixer with pull-out spray is extremely versatile thanks to the swiveling neck and the double jet that allows you to switch from normal flow to wide jet with a single gesture.
    With this type of mixer you will transform the kitchen sink into a real multifunctional work area suitable for intensive use, allowing you to reach every corner of the kitchen sink.
    In this section we have a wide range of kitchen mixers or kitchen taps where there is a need to install a sink.
    The high quality of the products in terms of materials used, durability and design are guaranteed by the best manufacturing companies in this sector such as: Grohe , Barazza , Gessi , etc.
    The original packaging of each mixer includes assembly accessories, manuals and a guarantee certificate.

How to choose the kitchen mixer

Kitchen mixers must be chosen on the basis of certain criteria and factors , functional , aesthetic and last but not least according to the available budget.
Below is a short list of the factors to consider when choosing and buying a kitchen mixer:

  • Quality of materials is one of the fundamental requirements that should be paid more attention to when choosing the mixer, because each component (gaskets, jet breakers, aerators, discs) determine its quality.
  • Type according to needs: the choice of a mixer must be made according to your needs and the use that will be made of the kitchen (as explained in the previous paragraph), for example if you often love to cook for friends and relatives it would be limiting to buy a low spout kitchen mixer, vice versa it would be useless to waste money to buy a professional kitchen mixer with pull-out shower, if the kitchen is rarely used because you are often away from home or if you often eat precooked foods.
  • Controls : with the traditional faucet (also called dual-control mixers) the mixing of the cold water flow with the hot one was done via two knobs, this type is suitable for classic and traditional kitchens while the single-control ones are ideal for modern environments and design.
  • Energy saving and jet breaker : Saving water and energy and adopting a more conscious and responsible sustainable attitude is very important. Even a simple mixer can contribute to environmental and personal health, ensuring a rational use of water, energy and avoiding waste. For example, the use of a small flow reducer that mixes air and water, allows you to control the flow of the liquid in an optimal way and limit its consumption up to 20-30% , while to avoid wasting hot water and energy necessary for to produce it, the use of a thermostatic mixer is recommended, which allows you to set a maximum operating temperature and keep it constant.
  • Design : even the aesthetic aspect is certainly an important element in the choice of kitchen mixers. As a general rule, the choice of the design of the mixer must be made taking into account the design of the surrounding environment in which it will be inserted by choosing shapes and colors in harmony with the context of the kitchen or even more so an open-space environment where the environments blend together. .
    So it is a good rule to choose the design of a mixer that matches the style of furniture in the kitchen and the type of sink in possession without upsetting the balance and harmony of the environment.
  • Dimensions : another aspect to keep in mind depending on the kitchen and the sink available. For example, we have a small or single-bowl sink, it is good to leave out models with a high spout and focus on those with a low spout, perhaps with a pull-out shower.
    While for larger sinks an excellent solution can be the use of taller, bulky and professional kitchen mixers, such as spring-loaded ones with pull-out hand shower as it allows you to reach every corner of the sink.
  • Finish : the choice of finish from a practical-aesthetic point of view should also be taken into consideration.
    For example, a chromed mixer has an always attractive visual impact in a kitchen, but it needs to be cleaned frequently, for the formation of stains easily due to splashes of water and more.
    A satin finish, on the other hand, is more suitable for refined and elegant kitchen styles and the halos, unlike the chrome plating, are much less noticeable. For a country or mountain kitchen, traditional or in masonry, the choice can be oriented towards finishes in copper, bronze or brass, which bind much more with natural materials such as solid wood and stone. Finally, for more imaginative and out of the ordinary environments, you can choose from many colorful variants and new composite materials such as fragranite, resistant, colorful and pleasant to the eye and to the touch.
  • Guarantee : The guarantee is another factor of choice to take into consideration, because the greater the guarantee offered by the manufacturer, the higher the safety and production standards, consequently the general quality of the final product also benefits.
    In fact, the best manufacturers of absolute reliability guarantee a guarantee of up to 5 years on kitchen mixers and kitchen taps.