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Corner wardrobes

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Alba room, bridge wardrobe with bookcase and bed with storage unit

Fixed composition bedroom, made with ennobled or lacquered materials in MDF.
Alba room components
-Right terminal x1 H-245 with mirror door, blond walnut finish.
- Wardrobe x1 H-245 2 doors, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Cab x1 H-24, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Bookcase x1 H-245 L-35, blond walnut finish.
-Bridge x1 H-245 with 2 compartments of 45, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
- Bookcase x1 vertical bridge, silver metal finish.
-Library x1 horizontal deck, silver metal finish.
-VULCANO bed x1 with 160x190 container base, base included, blond walnut finish.

Corner wardrobes: the ideal solution to make the most of two walls

Compared to a traditional configuration, corner cabinets have the great advantage of making the most of unused corners and all the space available between two walls without waste.
This type of furniture is particularly suitable for the needs of those who own a small house, but it is also an excellent solution for large rooms, making both the aesthetic aspect pleasant.

The classic arrangement of wall furniture in a bedroom often creates empty corners, becoming unsolved spaces that are not used.
With a corner wardrobe, on the other hand, you have the advantage of providing useful storage space, because often, as you know, space is never enough ...

Furnish "difficult" corners with corner wardrobes

When every square meter available becomes important in small apartment real estate, it is therefore essential to design accurately by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the house and the environments that compose it.
To make the most of a corner of the house, you can choose between two possible solutions:

  • 90 ° corner wardrobe between two doors: the wardrobe perfectly follows the trend of the wall, forming a 90 ° angle between two doors.
  • Corner walk-in wardrobes: this solution consists of a single element positioned in the corner that acts as a connection with the side parts of the wardrobe. The front panel is positioned diagonally forming a softer angle than the 90 ° one.
    This solution is widely used because it gives the possibility of having more space available inside the wardrobe in which to store what you want.
    Furthermore, from an aesthetic point of view it is a decidedly more attractive and modern solution.
  • Open corner wardrobes: when opening with hinged doors becomes a difficult task, open corner wardrobes, completely without doors, are the winning card to use.

Choose the corner wardrobe that's right for you

The best choice when buying between the 90 ° corner wardrobe and the corner walk-in closet is essentially dictated by these differences:

  • The 90 ° corner wardrobe is the right solution for those who have little space available because compared to the cabin it takes up much less volume. Its interior can be organized in a functional way using special corner or tubular shelves to which you can hang dresses, skirts and trousers, etc.
  • Instead, the corner walk-in wardrobes have the advantage of being much larger and can even be used as real dressing rooms complete with mirrors that together with the accompanying lighting become a perfect place to try on clothes.
    This space can otherwise be used for the use of drawers on wheels, shelves and tubulars of various sizes designed to support heavy coats or other items of clothing.

Corner wardrobes: excellent for the sleeping area, excellent for the living area

As we know, the bedroom with corner wardrobes is the typical configuration of this type and therefore the first sensation that one would have to say is that the classic or most frequent destination of corner wardrobes is the sleeping area. But if we think more carefully about this type of wardrobes, we can also find it in other rooms of the house, in short, this type of wardrobes offers versatility almost everywhere, not just the bedroom.

The wide range of solutions available on the market makes this type of furniture a support for the connection spaces, such as entrances and corridors, adaptable to any type of size.

The walls replaced by corner cabinets

In addition to the bedroom, in the large large rooms, in the studios, in the attics and in the attics, the corner wardrobe can become an opportunity to divide the environment.
The corner wardrobes, in fact, themselves become substitutes for the wall, that is, they become the dividing element of the compartment, generating distinct environments to be used also for independent functions.

A new idea of container space

The corner parts of the wardrobe do not necessarily have to be understood as a closed volume composed only of doors or drawers and mirrors, but can also provide open shelves, for bookcases or for the display of decorative elements, thus creating an environment lighter and less austere.
Entering a room where there is a corner wardrobe inside, you feel like you are enveloped by the warmth of our beloved home.
The different types of our corner cabinets allow you to combine the various modules whatever your needs are at really low prices in relation to the high quality of our products.