Alba room, bridge wardrobe with bookcase and bed with storage unit

Alba room, bridge wardrobe with bookcase and bed with storage unit

Fixed composition bedroom, made with ennobled or lacquered materials in MDF.
Alba room components
-Right terminal x1 H-245 with mirror door, blond walnut finish.
- Wardrobe x1 H-245 2 doors, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Cab x1 H-24, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Bookcase x1 H-245 L-35, blond walnut finish.
-Bridge x1 H-245 with 2 compartments of 45, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
- Bookcase x1 vertical bridge, silver metal finish.
-Library x1 horizontal deck, silver metal finish.
-VULCANO bed x1 with 160x190 container base, base included, blond walnut finish.

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Structure elements

• Panels - In class E1 wood particles, thicknesses 14 - 18 - 25mm, covered with high quality scratch-resistant melamine paper, printed in several finishes.
• Edges - In thermoplastic material, thickness 0.3 - 1 mm. Back Panels - In woody fiber class E1, 2.8 mm thick.
• Drawers - Bottom in wood fiber, class E1, thickness 2.8 - 3 mm. - Side panels in wood particles class E1, thickness 12 mm, coated in PVC. - Metal guides with wheels.

Front elements

• Panels - Of wood particles, class E1, thickness 18 - 25 mm, covered with high quality scratch-resistant melamine paper, printed in several finishes.
• Edges - In thermoplastic material, thickness 0.3 - 1 mm. Internal and external mirrors - Made of 3mm thick silver glass.
• Paints - In polyester resins, glossy and opaque, applied with a veil and dried with UV rays.
• Decorative - In wood fiber + thicknesses coated with finish paper or varnished paper.
• Hardware - Handles in extruded aluminum and molded thermoplastic material. - Hinges in pressed metal with nickel-plated finish. - Other hardware in stamped metal or in die-cast zamak, finished with the application of high-resistance epoxy paints.
• Interior accessories - Tie rack and trouser hanger made of MDF coated with printed paper in multiple finishes. - Removable side table in extruded metal and thermoplastic materials. -Metal shoe rack with details in thermoplastic material. - Internal tubes in extruded metal. - Internal lighting systems purchased pre-wired in compliance with current legislation.

Processing methods

• Edging - Polyurethane glues / thermo-fusible glues.
• Materials and / or substances that can cause damage to things, man or the environment - None.
• Packaging - The packaging of the product must be disposed of in accordance with the regulations in force in the municipality where the product is unpacked.

Safety warning regarding the use of the product

• Assembly - Assembly must be carried out according to the information in the assembly instructions.
• Positioning - The overturning of the furniture can cause injuries or even fatal therefore the furniture must be permanently fixed to the wall to prevent the risk.
• Fixing accessories are not included as each wall requires a specific fixing accessory. Contact a specialist dealer to identify the suitable fixing system for fixing the furniture on the wall of your choice.
• Maintenance and Disposal - The cleaning of all parts of the furniture must be carried out, in order not to damage the finishes, using specific products, which do not contain acetone, ammonia and solvents or abrasives. At the end of its use cycle, the product must not be disposed of in the environment, but entrusted to the municipal solid urban waste disposal company, for transport to landfills or for possible recovery.

The transport of the packages takes place with a truck suitable for the transport of furniture. The bedroom is shipped to the customer disassembled.

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Imab Group
Finish-Blonde walnut, Silver metal
Finish - Blond walnut
Finish - Blond walnut
Finishing Silver metal
Finish - Blond walnut
Finish-Blonde walnut, Silver metal

Cmera da letto completa Alba

Cmera da letto completa Alba, armadio ponte con libreria e letto con contenitore

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