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Living room furniture

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Price €1,119.18

Living room Saturno 302, color Clay, Bronze QSM302

The wide choice of colors of the Saturno collection stands out thanks to the new spatula: Bronze. The new finish completes a program of unique and original shades. Living room composition. Bookcase: Clay, Bronze. Structure: Ash gray. Backrest: Clay. Measurements: L300xP51xH170.

Price €1,389.18

Living room Saturno 306, color Nature Elm, Mink QSM306

A particular system of hangers. It allows wall fixing, to have the possibility of having the bookcases suspended at the desired height, as well as on the ground. Living room composition. Hinged wall unit, Tilting wall unit: nature elm. Hanging bookcase: colored mink. Bases: smooth colored mink. Measurements: L300xP53xH196

Price €1,524.18

Saturno 305 living room, copper oxide color, pickled oak QSM305

New colors and essences such as: the metal effect, burnished oxide and copper oxide, blond walnut, pickled oak and clay, are added to the range of nuances of the Saturno living room. Living room composition. Tilting and hinged wall unit: copper oxide metal effect. Bookseller: Barley. Back and bases: Pickled oak. Measurements: L360xP51xH179.

Price €1,589.50

Saturno 317 living room, matt barley color, blond walnut QSM317

Total extraction, with the new guide for the baskets that increases the opening by 25%, and allows total extraction, increasing their capacity. Living room composition. Zig Zag base, 2 drawers element, Intermediate Zig Zag: blond walnut. Tilting wall unit, base: matt lacquered
barley. Measurements: L320xP51xH186.

Price €1,652.64

Living room Saturno 309, color Ash gray, Oak QSM309

Available in all the essences of the program, you can choose between the black or satin finish to best match the handle to the color of the composition of your living room. Living room composition. Hinged wall units and base: Oak. Tilting wall unit and wall bookcase: Ash gray. Backrest: Oak. Measurements: L420xP51xH180.

Price €1,709.26

Saturno 301 living room, clay color, blond walnut QSM301

The new Gemini handle can be mounted on modules of 60, 90, 120 and 180. Linear and design, it is available in black or satin. Living room composition. Bookcase and structure: Matt barley. Backrest: Blond walnut. Bases and wall unit: Clay, blond walnut. Measurements: L360xP51xH212.

Price €1,801.80

Saturno 304 living room, ash gray color, QSM304 oak

The terminal element with bookcase compartment can function both as a wall unit and as an internal bookcase, providing new shelves. Accessories, such as LED lights, enhance the Saturno living room. Living room composition. Bookcase, structure: Ash gray. Backrest: Oak. Measurements: L360xP51xH171.

Price €1,883.45

Saturno 310 living room, matt barley color, blond walnut QSM310

The shades of the new blond walnut finish transform the living area into a lively and vibrant environment, where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation in the company of family and friends. Living room composition. Bookcase, flap wall unit: Barley. Hinged wall unit, Boiserie, Base, Backrest: Blond walnut. Measurements: L360xP53xH159.

Price €1,994.50

Saturno 303 living room, ash gray color, bleached oak QSM303

The door with striped glass, in the context of the new industrial style, maintains the line of contemporary living, personalizing your living area. Living room composition. Bookcase: Ash gray, Bleached oak. Structure: Ash gray. Backrest: Clay. Base: bleached oak. Wall unit: Ash gray. Measurements: L311xP53xH220

Price €2,217.68

Living room Saturno 312, blond walnut, copper oxide QSM312

The new feature of the Saturno living room is the island support. The suspended side is available with cone feet and plexiglass feet. Living room composition. Hinged and flap wall unit + base: copper oxide metal effect. Hinged wall unit: smoked glass aluminum frame. Bookcase: blond walnut. Peninsula: brushed bronze. Measurements: L355xP53xH195.

Price €2,422.35

Living room Saturno 320, Burnished oxide, QSM320 oak

Shelves, planters and decoder holders, all available in black metal, can be applied to boiserie, islands or mounted directly on the wall. Living room composition. Hinged wall unit: striped glass lipari. Bases: burnished oxide metal effect. Boiserie: oak. Shelf and Planter: metal. Island top: vintage sand laminate.

Price €3,041.82

Saturno 316 living room, burnished oxide color, pickled oak QSM316

The bookcases with black frame H 24 and 36, have a horizontal development and are available with width 60-90-120, with single compartment or with divider. Living room composition. Tilting wall unit, Boiserie and Bases: burnished oxide metal effect. Open bookcases and hinged wall unit: pickled oak.
Measurements: L330xP53xH178.

Living room furniture and living room walls: a quality choice

Living room, sitting room, living room: many names to identify the area of the house that has always been associated with relaxation, entertainment with friends or solitary rest in the company of a book or good music.
Whatever your choice, quality for theliving room furnitureit must happen first of all: while satisfying different price requirements, all our proposals maintain high quality standards in the load-bearing structures, in the materials and in the highly refined finishes.

Multifunctional living room and living room furniture

The modern conception of spaces in theliving room furnitureof a house causes the divisions between the various environments to be more fluid and there is contamination between the various rooms; so onesideboardwith suspended containers it can become the natural extension of thekitchen, while in an equipped wall of the living room, tools and can be placedaccessoriesfor office work.

A collection for multiple combinations: Saturno living room furniture

Our shop specializes in the design ofinterior furnishingsisliving room furniture, and the collection that we propose for the living room is not a single collection but multiple interpretations of modern living.
Italian design and engineering, exquisitely handcrafted manufacture but with absolutely competitive prices, theSATURNO collectionit will satisfy every need for space and taste.
Cabinets and storage units are combined with equipped walls in total continuity or apparent aesthetic contrast; the clean and essential lines, the many color and material finishes make our living room proposals truly suitable for everyone and for all types of furnishings.

Not only important furniture in living room furniture, but also bookcases and shelves and ... everything in its place!

Theliving roomcertainly it is a space to be lived in total freedom, but for this very reason everything must have its place.
Solibrariesper day,basketsunexpectedly large and functional containers, with increased opening thanks to newly designed guides that allow them to open completely and in total safety, and thenboiserie,on which to imagineshelvesor suspended containers.
We also present a great novelty in living room furniture design: it is theisland support,an ideal support surface for a television, monitor or PC, whose suspended side rests, optionally, on a Plexiglas support or on a cone leg: an ideal solution also to create a corner living room wall.

Living room to choose: wide range of colors and finishes that can be combined with each other

Being able to freely choose the finishes or colors of the living room is fundamental for the idea of home that each of us has: and so many new colors, such as copper oxide or burnished oxide, bronze spatula, up to lacquered shades. How not to fall in love with this mix of combinations and styles!
The striped glass doors recall theindustrial stylelarge minimal lofts, while the ash or matt finishesspatulaclay will warm any space you are furnishing.
Many combinations, in the name of modularity and freedom of expression: the bases in metal effect combined with oak boiserie and metal shelves, the inclined doors in smoked glass of theMILAN stay, in laminate in the most fashionable colors, the aluminum structures combined with wall units with doors instopsol glass.
Our proposals for living room furniture will certainly light up your imagination.

A living room furniture .. anti-stress!

With our living room furniture solutions, forget the stress of too bulky furniture in small rooms: even with minimal solutions, each base or wall unit is designed to be functional, and even in a small space your living room will be beautiful and practical.
For any advice or clarification on materials and sizes, contact our shop, the assistance service is at your disposal.