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Modern modular kitchens

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Panarea modular kitchen, with groove door opening

Door with 34 ° inclination on the edge. The top with inclined edge, available in fenix finishes, favors the groove grip of the door. The doors integrated into the base units favor peninsula situations if you do not want to have a ceiling hood.

Modular modern kitchens: creating a functional kitchen tailored

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, one of the most lived-in rooms in the house where you can get together with your family and friends, and for this reason this place must be as functional, welcoming and pleasant as possible where you can spend time.
The feature of modern modular kitchens is the possibility of having the maximum freedom of composition of the various independent modules without compromising according to one's personal space requirements and aesthetic taste.
Choosing a modular kitchen means making the most of your space in the kitchen by following your personality and your lifestyle.
Before buying a kitchen it is necessary to consider some important precautions, according to the available space it will be necessary to take into account factors such as the structure, the appliances, the hob and sink and the wall units.
So the whole set must first be designed in a targeted and accurate way to avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards with further waste of money.

Modern modular kitchens: versatility and flexibility for all spaces, especially small ones

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the greatest strengths of modern modular kitchens is the great versatility with which it is possible, through the choice of the various functional modules, to compose your own kitchen furnishing it according to your aesthetic tastes.
The concept of modularity and modularity allow the furnishing of the kitchen environment even in very small and cramped spaces, making it perfectly habitable, functional but always with an eye to the aesthetic aspect.
The homes, especially the apartments of today, have increasingly smaller surfaces, so, in this context, the concept of open-space comes into play where, with the elimination of the walls, the modern modular kitchen joins into a single space at the disposal of the living room.
In fact, modern kitchens are often kitchens with peninsula or island kitchens which, merging directly with the living room, create a unique contemporary environment that is very welcoming and livable and with a refined aesthetic impact.

In this case it is essential to take advantage of every available space, choosing taller furniture and trolley doors in the lower part. A trolley door of only 15 centimeters gives the possibility to store the bottles of oil and the containers of sugar, salt and coffee, making it even more practical for everyday use. By obtaining a space of only 45 centimeters from the project, you might be able to insert a small dishwasher as well. For the oven, remember that the standard size is 60 centimeters, but it can be easily placed under a hob and hood of the same size. A drawer can be inserted under the oven to store the trays. Even in a small space you can create a comfortable and functional environment, the important thing is to carefully plan the arrangement of the furniture and choose the best solutions suited to your needs.
Our online store offers a wide range of modular kitchen solutions for different needs, compositions made with captivating looks and with combinations of trendy materials and colors at really affordable prices.
Also on our site you can find and evaluate other types of kitchens such as: modern kitchens in polymer , modular kitchens in melamine , modular corner kitchens, modular kitchens in melamine .

Choice of a modern modular kitchen

When furnishing the house, buying from the various modern modular kitchens is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, but some important aspects that determine the overall quality must be considered.
In fact, the kitchen is certainly the environment that is put to the most severe test every day in terms of wear because environmental factors are created in it such as heat, humidity and various vapors emitted by the various appliances that determine its duration and efficiency.
Here are some tips to refer to when choosing the kitchen:

  • first of all, the choice should possibly be oriented towards respecting the general furnishing style of the house, avoiding possibly improbable combinations with the furnishing of the other rooms of the house;
  • know the materials with which the panels of the structure are built, an important factor that based on the choice determines the quality and consequently the price.
    About 90% of the kitchens sold have a structure of melamine panels or chipboard panels covered in melamine, and then go up in quality and prices for solid wood kitchens.
  • Know the quality of the mechanical parts such as the hinges of the doors, the guides for the drawers or the arms for the wall units. Excellent quality materials of the mechanical parts allow easy opening, closing or sliding of the various drawers and baskets even in conditions of maximum load, and which are robust and durable over time;
  • The work surface (top): it is the most stressed part of the kitchen on which all types of food and liquids are processed and overturned. The choice of materials for this important element must be taken into consideration such as water repellency to liquids, resistance to shocks, scratches and abrasions, functionality in daily use. Materials that are hygienic and easily washable and finally that are aesthetically beautiful but always consistent with the furnishing style of the kitchen should be preferred.
    The most used materials for kitchen tops are various: laminates among the most versatile and used for its quality / price ratio, in HPL (High Pressure Laminate) also with a good quality / price ratio, and then up to materials technological sintered ceramic combined with quartz such as Dekton with characteristics equal to those in stone, or the most innovative and recent cold-cured resin-acrylic materials such as Fenix, or stainless steel top very suitable for modern kitchens for the minimal look, up to to the infamous and refined stone materials such as marble, granite and quartz which, although they are hygienic and sophisticated, require careful attention to maintain their superior charm and budget;
  • evaluate the material with which the doors and drawers are made and then compare the different types such as lacquer (glossy or matt), solid wood-veneered wood, laminate and glass;
  • the choice of household appliances should be evaluated for the quality of the materials with which they are built and for their energy class, i.e. the level of energy savings with which each single appliance has been designed, appliances not lower than Class A are to be preferred. various types of appliances should be chosen according to how we want our kitchen to be organized and which ones should be indispensable and which models are aesthetically more in tune with the rest of the furniture.

The types of modern modular kitchens

The different types of modern modular kitchens allow you to customize kitchens with great freedom and versatility in very different living contexts; the choice can vary from the more traditional type such as the in-line one, or to make the most of the versatility of modularity and modularity of the island or peninsula types, and corner kitchens for the needs of small spaces.
In-line kitchens: these are the ideal types of kitchens for narrow and long spaces as the minimum space required is 360 cm. Their location can be either along a single wall, or along two mirrored walls (double linear kitchens), with the cooking and washing areas positioned close together.

  • Kitchens with island : the larger spaces allow great freedom of movement and allow you to cook in the center of the kitchen facing the surrounding environment. The island can generally have various functions: either that of housing a sink and hob, or it can be used only as a countertop for food processing.
  • Kitchens with peninsula : this type of configurations are the most suitable in modern environments to accommodate the layout of the living room and kitchen in a single open space. Therefore, the kitchen that also becomes a living room separates the living room from the cooking area and appliances in the same room, without the need to separate the walls or other dividing furniture. In the modular models, the peninsula can become a dining table, or a hob and washing area, rather than a worktop.
  • Modern corner kitchens : Modern corner kitchens are compositions equipped with corner and functional elements, they are elements that allow you to make the most of small spaces but also if the environment is large. These models must be designed ad hoc to perfectly adapt to the spaces in which they are inserted.

How to arrange your own kitchen

The layout of modern modular kitchens naturally depend on the surface available, when spaces are limited in many cases the kitchen is reduced to a small space dedicated to the cooking area.
In most of these cases, the most suitable solution is to arrange the furniture on one side and choose wall units that develop in height in order to make the most of the available space. Furthermore, given that the space available is limited, opt for light colors, such as to make the kitchen brighter and lighter.
But the most important properties that small kitchens must have are practicality and functionality, that is, you will have to be careful in choosing the essential appliances first, and opting for the opening of space-saving sliding doors instead of hinged doors.
For larger spaces, on the other hand, the solutions that can be adopted for obvious reasons are many and you can give vent to your imagination by going to island solutions with the hob and sink in the center with the wall units and bases close to the walls in order to leave great freedom of movement. .
Or opt for peninsula solutions for modern environments where the layout of the kitchen merges with that of the living room in a single open space without dividing walls.

The trendy colors and materials of modern kitchens

The modern style has as its main characteristics the essentiality and linearity of the most recent compositions in the combination of shapes with colors, giving the environment elegance, contemporaneity and great breadth in the management of kitchen spaces and overall throughout the house.
Modern modular kitchens have a wide variety of colors, finishes and innovative materials that facilitate their management and cleaning; laminate and lacquer are the ideal solutions as they do not need the same care as solid wood.
The modern style can range from glossy to matte rather than metallic finishes. In this style of cooking, the imagination can range.
The same thing goes for colors and shapes, the strong point of modern kitchens, ranging from bright ones with shades from blue to red to shades of gray, brown and green.
One of the most popular recent trends is the glass on the table top, a material that gives the observer lightness, light and refinement.
Among the recent trends are the modular kitchens in melamine material (belonging to the family of melamine panels), made up of chipboard panels covered, on one or both sides, with thin sheets of paper soaked in melamine resin.
This material has excellent properties of resistance to humidity, infiltrations, scratches, stains, and above all it is economical and versatile.