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Slide , Cubo 20 floor, table and suspension lamp in polyethylene

Cubo is a large family of suspension, floor and table lamps: a true best seller of the SLIDE Collection, with a simple but impressive shape, delicate and soft light. Ideal as an indoor lamp to brighten up any environment with color and liveliness, but also as an outdoor lamp for gardens and terraces. The simple and minimalist shape and the soft light make Cubo in all its versions a must have for private and contract homes. Cube 40 (43 x 43 x 43 cm) is sold exceptionally also in the standard version (13 colors) and in the lacquered version (8 colors)

Price €84.00

Stefano Giovannoni Love table lamp, in polyethylene

A romantic idea and a pop shape for an extremely communicative creation. The designer Stefano Giovannoni signs this new heart-shaped lamp for SLIDE. The use of polyethylene, worked with the rotational molding system, guarantees lightness and adaptability and makes it an excellent solution to add a touch of bright joy to the home and beyond.
Dimensions cm L / W / H 40/27/38.

Price €101.85

Slide , Venus light sculpture, in polyethylene

Designer: SLIDE Studio Venus is the luminous sculpture of the Venus de Milo. Its pop touch adapts to a contemporary setting. Made of polyethylene using the rotational molding technique, Venus is produced in the usual bright white color.
Dimensions cm L / W / H 40/30/70.

Price €570.15

Bancone illuminabile Plust Bartolomeo Light neutro 80 x 50 x 150 cm 9289-98

Luminous display combined with the "Bartolomeo Light" counter suitable for housing catering tools and in particular bottles and glasses since, thanks to the internal lighting of the display, even the objects placed in it are crossed by the light, thus creating elegant color effects and transparencies.
Dimensions LxWxH 80x50x150 cm.
Temperature resistance from -65 ° C to + 85 ° C

Price €651.00

Angolo illuminabile Big Cut Light Neutro/Arancione 8281-M0

Luminous corner element suitable to be placed at the ends of a composition of modules in order to create infinite solutions with the necessary number of seats. Complete with cushion suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Depending on the use, by moving the cushion, a right and left corner can be obtained.
Polyethylene structure. Neutral / Orange color. Dimensions L x W x H 81 x 81 x 73 cm.

Price €1,434.30

Bright corner polyethylene bar counter BREAK CORNER design Slide Studio

Break Corner is a modular luminous bar counter with an angular shape, suitable for creating a bar or reception station even in the smallest spaces, but still maintaining an elegant and contemporary light point thanks to the luminous cabinet. DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT width 85 cm depth 85 cm height 110 cm weight 28 Kg.

Price €1,487.85

Bright polyethylene bar counter BREAK BAR design Slide Studio

Break Bar is a luminous bar counter, a furnishing accessory for modular and versatile display systems. The light module is ideal as a bar corner and reception area: used individually, it is a practical and complete bar counter useful for furnishing even the smallest spaces, without sacrificing the magic of the luminous furniture. DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT width 173 cm depth 75 cm height 110 cm weight 45 Kg.

Price €1,613.85

SPLAY display counter with storage compartment designed by Karim Rashid

Display counter ideal for retail and events with storage compartment Splay is a multifunctional display counter: it can be used as an exhibitor for the retail sector and promotional events or as a catering counter.
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT width 130 cm depth 70 cm height 98 cm weight 40 Kg.

Price €1,869.00

Bancone illuminabile Plust Bartolomeo Light neutro 160 x 70 x 110 cm 8286-98

Linear element that can be used as a desk, console or bar counter depending on the desired configuration. It is designed to house 1 to 3 standard light kits or with RGB light, to recreate suggestive atmospheres in situations of conviviality. Version 1 with: Food PE top - Stainless steel sink - Drain plug - Tap.
Dimensions LxWxH 160x70x110 cm.
Temperature resistance from -65 ° C to + 85 ° C.

From Price €2,152.50

Luminous bar counter with beer dispenser and ROLLER BAR wheels design Gerd...

Roller Bar is a bright bar counter that can be equipped with a beer dispenser.
MATERIAL bar counter: polyethylene top: tempered glass shelves: plexiglass
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT width150 cm depth 75 cm height 120 cm weight (counter only) 83 Kg weight (with stapler) 115 Kg.

Bright polyethylene bar counter. Measures 150/75/120 cm. Top, shelves (included) transparent tempered glass, 4 wheels (included) black.
STAPLER for Roller Bar (dispenser and coolant block included). Measures 23/11/53 CM, stainless steel.

Lighting: the fundamental role of light in our life

Choosing well how to illuminate our rooms is very important for at least three main reasons:Designand decor - correctlightingof work or relaxation areas - energy saving.
We fromSamitechwe have selected the best for youlampsfor table or floor lighting, classic chandeliers or pendant lighting, outdoor lighting and healing lamps. Choosing the right light and correct lighting improves the mood and quality of our homes or our work environment.

Here is a rundown of modern lighting proposals:

Lighting with pendant lamps: the revolution of the chandelier

The pendant lamp is a lighting that descends from the ceiling but it is not the chandelier of our classic imagination.
Suspension lamps are characterized by shapes that refer to a certain lightness, with a simple and elegant design but very performing from the point of view of the light supplied: they are often combined with floor lamps or in any case located in different areas that are not the center of the ceiling.
With many types of lampshades and in many different finishes, in metal or glass, vintage or distinctly modern, you will be spoiled for choice to find the one that best matches your decor.

Ceiling lighting and ceiling lights

In glass and metal, simple or elaborate, they will provide discreet lighting in any room.

Wall lighting, appliques and spotlights

By placing beautiful and discreet wall lamps and directional spotlights in your rooms, you will no longer have the problem of dark corners in your rooms.

Table lighting and floor lamps

They are the ideal lamps to illuminate a specific point or a work area or, otherwise, to create an atmosphere with luminous suggestions. Suitable for any furniture, desk, work table, to enrich an entrance or a living room: they will amaze you with their multiple shapes and materials.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor spotlights and appliques must have theIP44 certificationfor protection from atmospheric agents, you often find them with motion or crepuscular sensors, to illuminate your outdoor environments only when needed.

Lighting and Healing Lamps

They are the new frontier ofnatural cures: they are infrared lamps for the treatment of local inflammations and muscular tension.

Smart Lighting and Light Design: an ever-expanding field of lighting

The evolution of technology now allows us great things, even in the lighting sector: itsmart lighting, or smart lighting precisely, includes all those devices for energy efficiency and thewireless controlof lights, lighting solutions that are becoming very popular in new renovations.
In our catalog you will find a wide choice of solutions in this regard.
The section of theLight Designinstead it offers a series of articles that are not just lamps but real plays of light, variocolor lamps with the most extravagant shapes, both for outdoor and indoor, to amaze your guests or play with your children.

On our site you will also find thelow consumption lampsenergy, which last longer and consume less electricity, truly indispensable in areas where the lights remain on for many hours a day, and truly indispensable in the modern conception of lighting.