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Mattresses are important for physical well-being

The choice of the mattress and the underlying base must be made very carefully as rest is a fundamental moment of the day where we spend about a third of our life.
A large part of our life is spent on the mattress, and it is the first, and perhaps also the most important, thing we buy when we enter a new home.

A mattress must guarantee important characteristics such as: comfort, hypoallergenicity, resilience, durability, quality materials.
Total physical well-being, and must satisfy our aesthetic need for extreme elegance.
Different heights and sizes are available and the number of pocket springs present is relevant to ensure the correct distribution of body weight.

How mattress materials have changed today

Until recently, the material normally used for the construction of the interior of mattresses was wool, while since the 1980s the best material is memory foam.
Memory foam is a material composed of a slow-return thermosensitive viscoelastic polyurethane foam that has been patented by NASA for the construction of spacesuits and shuttle seats.
In our online showroom we have mattress solutions for every request. Whether you are planning to place it in your new home or you are renovating the existing one, contact us without obligation and we will certainly find the right solution for your needs.

How to choose the best mattresses if you care about your health

If you want rest to be as beneficial to the psycho-physical state, as we have said, it is essential to pay particular attention to the choice of mattresses.
The choice must naturally be made according to your needs according to some aspects such as:

  • ergonomics, one of the main quality elements that a mattress must have, that is, it must adapt perfectly to the profile of the body in the various resting positions that are assumed during the hours of rest.
    This allows our body and mind to rest and recover in the best possible way without factors due to the bad ergonomics of the mattress such as excessive hardness or excessive elasticity rather than poor materials leading to unpleasant future pathologies and painful awakenings and anything else. how restful.
    In other words, a mattress must guarantee the body an excellent rest and ensure an ergonomic position for the lumbar, neck, shoulders, pelvis, legs and feet, especially for those who suffer more often from joint and muscle pain.
  • environmentally friendly materials, but most of allhypoallergenic,antibacterialisanti-mite, these properties are equally important, as for example, with the passage of time the dust filters inside the mattress favoring the proliferation of dust mites which is responsible for the most common allergic phenomena. Or for those people who have particular allergies during sleep, such as breathing or dermatological disorders.
    The materials that make up the inner core of a mattress must necessarily be breathable and porous, in order to allow correct air circulation, so that the body temperature is kept constant in both cold and hot seasons. Only the highest quality materials have this characteristic.

Mattresses: different types of materials

Mattresses today are made of many different materials, here is a first categorization:

  • Latex mattresses: the latex can be of natural origin, ie obtained from the rubber tree, or of a mixed nature, therefore composed of a part of natural rubber and a part of synthetic material. The peculiarity of a latex mattress is that, despite being quite rigid, it adapts to the contours of the body in a very flexible way and distributes the pressure evenly. Particularly suitable for those who move a lot in their sleep and often change position, it is also recommended for all those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Despite these characteristics, it is a fairly heavy mattress.
  • Spring mattresses: These are the mattresses of the collective imagination and are still the most widely used. The inside of the mattress is made up of many helical springs that support the weight of the body. Often we also speak of a pocket spring mattress because each spring is enclosed in a "bag" to avoid contact and friction between the springs themselves. Really suitable for everyone, particularly suitable for more robust people, it is a type of mattress that lasts over time. They are often lined with latex or memory foam.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses: This material technically composed of a polyurethane foam that adapts very well to the body, retains its heat and is therefore particularly suitable for cold climates or people with cold temperatures. You must be careful to ventilate the mattress well when you wake up because it tends to absorb moisture. One of the advantages of this type of mattress is that, unlike the others, it is rather light and therefore easy to handle for transport or to make the bed.
  • Anti-decubitus mattresses: suitable for preventing the formation of bedsores or a strong and prolonged pressure on the skin and soft tissues, and rubbing due to the handling carried out by the patient himself.
    Consequently, an anti-decubitus mattress must be soft, breathable and deformable, that is, it must change shape according to the position of the patient.
    Today, there are different types of anti-decubitus mattresses on the market, including: ventilated foam mattress, silicone hollow fiber mattress, water mattress, compressed air mattress.
    The choice of the type of anti-decubitus mattress is the result of a clinical evaluation, generally based on the so-called Norton scale: it assigns a score, from 1 to 4, based on the patient's health conditions.

Choice of mattress sizes

Before buying a mattress you will have to establish the size that suits your needs, the most common types of measures on the market are the following:

  • single mattresses: in addition to the standard size 80x190 cm, it also produces extra large variants for those who need to move at night and want more space available. Find the measures 80x200, 90x190 and 90x200.
  • double mattresses: is the double size that starts from the French model 140x160 cm. They are used in double beds and reach up to 180x200 cm, also known as king size.
  • one and a half mattresses: they are a cross between the single and the double. They are 120 cm wide and are widely used by singles or young couples who want to optimize space.

In our online store we have mattress solutions for your every need, combine it with one of oursnetworksquality and make your bed accompany your rest with maximum comfort.

Mattress: how to recognize when to replace it

The average life of a mattress is about 13/15 years, but a good indicator that the mattress you have is no longer for you is that of a slight back pain in the morning upon waking, which then passes within a half an hour.
Furthermore, the mattress ages but also our body changes, and perhaps, due to pathologies or pains in the joints, we must face the idea of changing the mattress if not even thenetworkbed.
Do not forget the accumulation over time of mites and dust, which can affect our rest or exacerbate allergies already present.