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Bed cushions: essential “accessory” to guarantee a perfect rest

As we know, many hours of the day are dedicated to rest, useful for recharging the batteries after busy days. To ensure that rest takes place in the most effective and regenerating way possible themattressand the slatted base have a decisive role, but the use of cushions is fundamental to complete the “work”.

Bed pillows are important because they support the cervical while maintaining the correct alignment between head, neck and spine, thus avoiding finding yourself with annoying pains upon waking in the morning.

To identify the best pillow that is right for you, it is first necessary to identify the salient elements from which to draw suggestions such as:

  • the position in which you sleep;
  • weight;
  • the ambient temperature;
  • factors that allow the muscles to relax and promote good breathing, necessary for a good night's rest.

Pillows for bed and sleeping position

Sican important element in choosing the ideal pillows for bed is the position in which we sleep mainly at night, or rather the position that we tend to assume during sleep, therefore depending on this it is possible to choose between the following types according to certain heights:

  • Supine position, belly up: too low a support accentuates cervical lordosis, while too high a pillow accentuates dorsal kyphosis. It is preferable to use a soft pillow, medium thickness, in memory or latex.
  • Position on one side, in the fetal position, but with low or too high support, the spine assumes an unnatural position. It is preferable to use a hard pillow, medium-high thickness, in memory or latex.
  • Prone position, on the stomach (for various reasons, this is the worst position that can be assumed during sleep), on the other hand, the opposite of what happens in the supine position occurs. The use of a soft, low thickness, feather or synthetic pillow is preferable.
  • Position turned over several times: It is preferable to use a soft or hard pillow, medium thickness, made of latex
  • For allergy sufferers: It is preferable to use a pillow in synthetic material, memory or latex

The measures of the pillows for the bed

As for themattressand for bed bases, it is also important to choose the appropriate measures for the pillow, elements such as width and thickness of the pillow must be chosen in a targeted way.
Two good rules to take into consideration to avoid the annoying pains upon waking up the next morning are:

  • thethicknessthe pillow must be adapted to the position in which you usually sleep;
  • therewidthof the pillow should never be lower than that of your shoulders.

So to make a list:

  • Low pillow: the thickness is 10cm, suitable for children and those who sleep in the prone position, it has the effect of reducing the pressure of the neck. If you want to sleep with such a pillow, it should be soft
  • Medium pillow: the thickness is 12-13 centimeters, perfect for those who sleep on the back, it must be lower than the shoulders and medium hard.
  • Medium-high pillow: the thickness is 15 centimeters, ideal for those who sleep lying on their side, it must necessarily be hard to keep the head and neck in line with the shoulders.

The stuffing material

When choosing the best bed cushions, the padding material can be another important variable: we usually distinguish between 4 types of padding, namely:

  • Memory foam: the pillow is made of polyurethane foam, but the main feature is that the pillow maintains the shape of the head and neck for about 30 seconds when changing position, so it is not suitable for those who fidget a lot during sleep, while it is great for those who sleep on their back, on their side, or those with a sturdy build.
  • Latex: in this case the pillow can be of natural or synthetic origin or a mixture of both, it offers excellent support to the head and neck, is considered suitable for those who are particularly tall and with a sturdy build, and in general for those who sleep on their side , being the latex able to absorb body movements well, so it is also recommended for those who move during sleep. Hypoallergenic and anti-mite.
  • Synthetic: the pillow has a filling in most cases in polyester fiber, and is rather soft, therefore suitable for children, the thin and those who sleep prone. The synthetic cushion is also breathable.
  • Feather: the pillow has a natural origin, with feathers coming from geese or ducks, it is soft and deforms and then returns to the starting position. It does not provide a particular support to the neck, so it is suitable for those who sleep on their stomach, while it is not recommended for children and allergy sufferers, and even those who are restless in their sleep or have a sturdy build do not find the ideal support in this pillow. .

Special bed cushions

There are also cushions of particular shapes that help solve certain situations:

  • cervical pillow: ideal for those who constantly suffer from this disorder, which manages to adapt perfectly to the shape of the neck and head, significantly improving the situation of those who usually wake up the next morning with severe pain.
  • lumbar pillow: which allows people who usually have an incorrect posture to assume the right position on chairs, armchairs and sofas.
  • anti-decubitus pillows: which makes the onset of sores more difficult or reduces the pain of those who already have them, making the rest or sitting of sick and disabled people more comfortable.

Useful tips

If kept well, a pillow can have a long life, but the ideal would be to change it after 5 years.
There are a series of measures that we can take to make sure to extend the longevity of our pillow: first of all, let it air before making the bed, exposing it outdoors at least once a week, and turning it often, in order to avoid that deform.
The pillow itself should only be washed once or twice a year, but it is still better to buy it washable, and cover it with pillowcases to be washed approximately every two months.

Let us remember that a good rest is also guaranteed by the healthiness of the pillow, so it is important that it is equipped with antibacterial and anti-mite linings: especially in summer, but not only, during the night you sweat a lot, so the humidity that creates inside the padding could become fertile ground for pathogens: this is why it is also important that the pillow is breathable, helping to keep the pillow in a perfect state of hygiene.
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