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Amèlie UP outdoor table in polyethylene

Amèlie UP outdoor table in polyethylene, design Italo Pertichini

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Ideal outdoor table, with a square top and cone base, in polyethylene. Amélie Up is available in many different colors: in all standard colors, and in the most elegant lacquered version, ideal for indoors. The simplicity of the line, combined with its strength and lightness, makes the outdoor table ideal for bars, restaurants and contract. Measurements: Lar Ghezza-61.5-cm Depth 61.5 cm Height 110 cm Weight-7-kg

Modern outdoor table for all seasons

The modern outdoor table is one of the indispensable furnishing elements for the furnishing of outdoor spaces in a modern style of your home, such as the garden , the terrace , the balcony , the patio , the porch .
During the summer, if you have plenty of space, a large outdoor table will allow you to have lunches or dinners outdoors, while if space is limited then with a small outdoor table you can enjoy a tasty breakfast for two.
A targeted choice of the garden table for your needs will allow you to make the most of the spaces available, dedicating yourself to conviviality and welcoming guests.

On the market you can find modern outdoor tables in different shapes, sizes and materials, in order to satisfy everyone's needs and tastes.
In addition to the purely aesthetic aspect, the choice of the materials with which they are made is a fundamental aspect to be evaluated, as having to be placed outdoors in fact they must be well resistant to atmospheric agents and therefore to sunlight and rain .
If the garden, the terrace, the balcony, etc., is very exposed to the sun, it will be advisable to protect it from exposure to direct sunlight, for example the dining area could thus be sheltered with a gazebo , but if the available space is of limited size. you could just choose an umbrella .
In choosing the modern outdoor table you will have to evaluate the use it will have, for example it would be better to opt for an extendable table as it is the ideal solution when in the garden it is necessary to increase the seats for diners to organize lunches and dinners with many friends. .

Modern outdoor table: the choice of materials

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the ambient climate and atmospheric agents are aspects to be taken into consideration before purchasing a modern outdoor table.
So factors such as: resistance to bad weather , solidity , durability over time , lightness if you have to move it frequently , without forgetting the ease of maintenance, are elements that must be well evaluated.
The assortment on the market in the choice of materials is really wide: each material has unique properties that can prove to be perfect in choosing the table that suits your needs.
The choice of material for the modern style outdoor table not only affects the need for strength and maintenance but also obviously affects the aesthetics and price, among the most popular materials on the market for outdoor tables there are:

  • the modern outdoor tables in wood , if chosen in shape and with particular paintwork , go very well in modern style furnishings for that subtle but pleasant contrast between classic and modern lines.
    The choice of hard woods such as teak wood, rattan , acacia, eucalyptus guarantee more resistance to atmospheric agents and if treated correctly, they have a very long duration over time compared to soft woods such as fir, pine and cedar which are not suitable. to the external environment;
  • the aluminum garden tables excellent for all environments in a modern style, as both for the shapes and colors available it fits perfectly in furnishings with a minimal and light style.
    Precisely for its versatility, this material is chosen above all for its lightness while maintaining characteristics of strength and resistance to atmospheric agents similar to steel, but with the addition it does not rust and does not deteriorate and does not degrade over time.
  • outdoor tables in plastic material such as polyethylene and resin (polypropylene) are excellent materials for furnishing outdoor spaces, as they fit very well in modern style furnishing contexts due to the infinite aesthetic possibilities in terms of shapes and obtainable colors, but without neglecting the functional ones in outdoor environments.
    For example, poly rattan is a latest generation artificial alloy, 100% recyclable and eco-sustainable that adapts to every budget.
    This material is very resistant to bad weather , UV rays , chlorine and salt , ideal for use in beach houses . The poly rattan does not discolour or deform with the wear of time, it is easy to clean and does not require maintenance .
    Moreover, thanks to their excellent quality / price ratio , modern outdoor plastic tables are often preferred not only in the garden but also in restaurants , bars , etc;
  • stainless steel models are robust and resistant to corrosion and UV rays, but heavier than an aluminum table.
    These two materials combine very well with others such as wood and glass.

Modern Outdoor Table: how to choose shapes and sizes

When choosing the size of the modern outdoor table you will need to consider how much outdoor space you have available. Of course, the choice changes depending on whether it is a table for a large garden rather than a dining table for a balcony or for a small terrace, a courtyard.
Then you will have to consider that at the table you will have to add the number of outdoor chairs and next to it an umbrella or a gazebo , etc.
Keep in mind that it is a good rule to leave some free space (minimum of 110 cm) to be able to go around the table and be able to pull the chair back easily.

If you have little space, it is better to orient yourself in the purchase of a modern round or square outdoor table for two people or a modern folding outdoor table with reduced weight is the ideal solution. Even a small classic table or a high table (about 110 cm) to eat standing up as for a bistro-style terrace.
The choice of the shape of the modern outdoor table depends on various factors such as: aesthetic tastes, the number of people to welcome and the position.

  • Square : for 2 people, easy to place in a corner, perhaps even placing more than one side by side.
  • Round : with the same size it can accommodate more people than square or rectangular models.
  • Oval or rectangular : they are often designed for large tables. Especially if you choose an extendable model that allows you to insert extra seats at will, to accommodate up to 12 people in the larger models.
  • Foldable : very practical to store in a corner or in a garden shed, combined with folding or stackable garden chairs allow you to gain additional additional space.

Modern outdoor table: how to choose the right chair to match

The purchase of an outdoor table necessarily requires the combination of outdoor chairs or other types of appropriate outdoor seating.
In the correct choice of a modern chair for the modern outdoor table , as for the outdoor tables, it will be useful to evaluate the most important characteristics: materials, strength, durability.
Regarding the aesthetic aspect, the modern style, precisely because of its characteristics of lightness, sobriety, essentiality of lines, allows you to choose from a wide variety of models with the most varied shapes, colors and sizes.
The simplest solution is to search for the chair model coordinated with the chosen garden table , in order to have a complete set of outdoor products, in such a way as to be perfectly in harmony with each other.
According to your specific aesthetic and practical-functional needs and taking into account the available space, you can evaluate for example the choice of chairs with armrests more suitable to match the table.
Even the weight of outdoor chairs is another factor to consider especially when you need to move them frequently, so choosing particularly light chairs can save you some effort and some back pain.
On the contrary, if you want to focus on solidity and stability, then models with heavier structures and materials may be the optimal solution.
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