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Modular kitchens in melamine

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Panarea modular kitchen, with groove door opening

Door with 34 ° inclination on the edge. The top with inclined edge, available in fenix finishes, favors the groove grip of the door. The doors integrated into the base units favor peninsula situations if you do not want to have a ceiling hood.

Modern modular kitchens in melamine: versatility and flexibility for all spaces

The modular kitchens feature the possibility of having the maximum freedom of composition of the various independent modules without compromising according to your personal space requirements and aesthetic taste.
Choosing a modular kitchen means making the most of your space in the kitchen by following your personality and your lifestyle.
Before buying a kitchen it is necessary to consider some important precautions, in fact, based on the available space, it will be necessary to take into account factors such as the structure, the appliances, the hob and sink and the wall units.
So the whole set must first be designed in a targeted and accurate way to avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards with further waste of money.
As mentioned, one of the greatest strengths of modular kitchens is the great versatility with which it is possible, through the choice of the various functional modules, to compose your own kitchen furnishing it according to your aesthetic tastes.
The concept of modularity and modularity allow the furnishing of the kitchen environment even in very small and cramped spaces, making it perfectly habitable, functional but always with an eye to the aesthetic aspect.
The homes, especially the apartments of today, have increasingly smaller surfaces, so, in this context, the concept of open-space comes into play where, with the elimination of the walls, the modern modular kitchen joins into a single space at the disposal of the living room.
In fact, modern kitchens are often kitchens with peninsula or island kitchens that blend directly with the living room to create a unique contemporary environment that is very welcoming and livable and with a refined aesthetic impact.
Our online store offers a wide range of modular kitchen solutions in melamine for different needs, compositions made with captivating looks at really affordable prices.
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Modular kitchens in melamine: new generation material

In the past, the furniture of the houses was built entirely of solid wood, today this type of material with undoubted qualities of value and robustness has however higher costs than the latest technological innovations that guarantee equal characteristics in the same way but making the purchase accessible even to budgets. smaller, this is the case of modular kitchens in melamine.
Today 90% of the kitchens sold in Italy today have a structure composed of melamine panels as this type of kitchens in fact is generally one of the cheapest solutions compared to, for example, lacquered or laminated kitchens, but this does not mean that the '' mistake of associating economy with poor quality; but care must be taken in recognizing, among the various types, the poor ones from those of value as explained in the following paragraphs.

Modular kitchens in melamine: what is melamine

The melamine is a panel of wood particles covered on the two surfaces by two sheets of decorative paper, impregnated with melamine-based resin, hence the name of "melamine".
The production takes place through the sectioning of panels (almost always of chipboard) applying a thin layer of photographic plastic film reproducing among the wide range of textures the relative designs of the wood or concrete to be reproduced, to obtain those effects at cost. contents.
These films are applied to the panels through an industrial procedure called "lamination", in which one or more thin layers of decorative film on chipboard supports of variable thickness, ennobling them (hence the name of "Nobilitato").
The application of this film, made with melamine resins, in addition to making the panels aesthetically very beautiful, makes the surfaces waterproof and very resistant to scratches and bumps and solvents, characteristics that make it appreciated in the daily life of the kitchen.
On top of this "photographic film" thin layers of transparent resin are then applied that "impregnate" the paper (hence the name of "impregnated papers"), until it becomes a solid body with a certain resistance and an adequate thickness. .
With the latest and present technological evolutions in melamine modular kitchens, the porosity of wood, stone and concrete has even been faithfully reproduced.

Modular kitchens in melamine: differences between melamine and laminate

Laminate belongs to the family of melamine, they are coating materials, which through a series of lamination processes of wooden panels such as chipboard, MDF, honeycomb, are obtained by the hot coupling of several layers of paper impregnated with resins thermosetting.
The surface layer has a decorative function while the internal layers have such properties as to make the material rigid and resistant to various types of aggression.
Laminate is generally used for horizontal surfaces and its thickness is greater than 0.5 millimeters.
The melamine is also used for panel coatings deriving from wood, in this case the laminate sheet has a lower thickness and requires other types of processing. The substantial difference is therefore in the thickness, so the greater the thickness the greater the resistance: the laminate is thicker than the melamine and, consequently, more resistant, without detracting from the melamine which is an equally solid and durable material.
Both in aesthetic and functional terms in recent years these types have evolved a lot, in fact it is possible to faithfully reproduce the surfaces (textures) of various materials (wood effect of various types, concrete effect, fabric effect of various types) creating tactile and visuals that are sometimes difficult to see the difference, if not from an attentive and expert eye, from real materials.

Differences between modular kitchens in economic melamine and those of a high standard

The modular economic kitchens in melamine have various thicknesses of the panels depending on the quality level:

  • 1.5 cm thick generally for economic kitchens;
  • 1.8 cm thick generally for good quality kitchens;
  • 1.9 cm thick generally for high quality kitchens.

An important factor to consider about the kitchens concerns the resistance to humidity, the best panels are those that have the initials V100: they have been immersed in water for a good twenty-four hours and a maximum swelling of 12% can form.
The poorest ones are recognizable when opening a door against the light, it will often be seen that the foil is not perfectly adherent to the door, creating as if it were rounded.
The coating, in this case, is too thin and creates an unpleasant effect to the touch and to the eye.
The low quality panels are often not perfectly glued, so over time they would even risk peeling in contact with the water from the sink or with the excessive heat given off by opening the dishwasher.
Another factor to pay attention to is the content of formaldehyde, which is a toxic gas (it is diluted with some liquids for the production of chipboards) with an unpleasant and pungent odor; formaldehyde in Italy is forbidden to market with a high content, so it is always advisable to purchase furniture with the “F 4 stars” mark which means product with the lowest formaldehyde emissions.
Also know the quality of the mechanical parts such as the hinges of the doors, the guides for the drawers or the arms for the wall units. Excellent quality materials of the mechanical parts allow easy opening, closing or sliding of the various drawers and baskets even in conditions of maximum load, and which are robust and durable over time.

Main features of melamine kitchens

The modular kitchens in melamine have characteristics that make them an ally in their realization such as:

  • high capacity of mechanical resistance with excellent surface hardness to impacts and abrasions, which is why they are recommended not only for wall units and doors in your kitchen but also for the worktop;
  • long duration;
  • moisture resistance;
  • economical but highly aesthetic innovative material;
  • easy to clean but also hygienic, resistant to solvents.

On the other hand, melamines have a limited resistance to heat, so care must be taken not to place hot pots on their surface without having interposed an insulating material.
aesthetic beauty: a wide range of solutions with a great aesthetic impact, in fact you can choose from a wide range of colors, in glossy or matt versions, and in numerous textures that perfectly imitate the characteristics of other materials, such as wood grain , fabrics and concrete.
Our online store offers a wide range of modular kitchen solutions in melamine for different needs, compositions made with captivating looks and trendy colors at really affordable prices.