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Getting the perfect laundry is anyone's dream.

To achieve this, you must first have the right washing machine.

But how to choose?

For an ideal purchase, it is best to first focus on the size, number of revolutions and capacity of the centrifuge.

Types of washing machines.

When choosing a washing machine, you need to carefully consider the space placed in the washing machine.

Depending on the size, you can choose the model that suits your needs.

1. Top loading washing machine.

2. Front loading washing machine

3. Slim washing machine

Among these types, the most requested model on the market is the classic 60x60 front-loading washing machine, which has a higher number of revolutions, a greater laundry load capacity and more advanced technology.

These are the models in which manufacturers have invested the most to achieve the best results: standard washing machines are now 1,200-rpm washing machines with a load of at least 7 kg.

But let's try to understand in detail all the types found on Samitech.

Top loading washing machine.

Equipped with an upper door it is possible to load the linen inside.

The top loading washing machine is the favorite of all people who have little space available, and of those who have difficulty in bending their back when loading and unloading clothes .: This type of model is usually about 40 cm wide, which is actually narrower than the front-loading model, and although they take up more space above the washer, they don't require a specific space in front of the washer. to open the door.

The real disadvantage of this type of washing machine is the limited load capacity and not being able to use its upper part as a support for the dryer.

Front loading washing machine.

The classic washing machine with front door is undoubtedly the most popular type due to its greater load capacity (over 7-8 kg) and high quality.

It is more bulky than the top loading model: the height is always around 85 cm, the width is always around 60 cm, and the depth is also around 60 cm.

Slim washing machine.

Slim washing machines are called 46 cm washing machines - they are very popular and can easily reach a load capacity of 7 kg.

There are also some models that can reach 33 cm, but they are not very common and have a very low load capacity.

Samitech offers various types of washing machines with different brands and very competitive prices.

Based on your spending budget on Samitech you will find your favorite product by brand, price, energy efficiency.