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Upholstered benches are a tribute to the moment of waiting, involving entrances, or other places in the house. The temporary storage of objects and clothes, recalling past domestic scenes over time. These seats are not bulky, but small in size, very easy to move. They are gradually becoming their own design works, signed by well-known designers and made by important companies in the sector.
The new entrance sofa must be seen from this perspective. Through this aspect it is necessary to re-evaluate the modern interpretation of the traditional living room bench or the interpretation of the classic upholstered bench in the bedroom. The upholstered design benches of today are a movement of style, no longer just a piece of furniture placed at the end of the bed. With a decisive and innovative attitude, the functional characteristics of the benches of the past are maintained. Modern versions need this soft and comfortable, super thin and light furniture.
The interior includes fabric, microfiber, leather, imitation leather or cotton. They are available in all colors, from white to bold colors, with glossy or matte effects.
For the upholstery you can choose a solid color or a cheerful pattern. Versatility is at the heart of the design of benches, which can be placed in multiple spaces in the home.
They match perfectly with the furnishings of the living area, depending on the situation and the occasion, they become independent decorative elements or real seats. Extra accommodation for guests and friends. Likewise, they are placed in the room at the end of the bed and can serve as a shelf for clothes, books, newspapers and magazines. A right combination of wooden benches and chairs can create a warm atmosphere for the environment, in restaurants and houses furnished in a rustic style.
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