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Bedroom bed

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Bedroom bed: the "heart" of the bedroom

The bedroom bed is the main element that occupies the most important space in the room of the house dedicated above all to rest and comfort; but nowadays, in modern homes, it has also become the room dedicated to relaxation, where you can retreat to read your favorite book or listen to good music, or watch the program you like on TV….

After a busy day of work, the time has finally come to rest and recharge for the next day; here is an excellent comfortable bed is the best way to be able to completely relax.
Consult in our online shopSamitech.itto choose from a wide choice of types that satisfy your aesthetic and functional tastes, you will surely find high quality and valuable products at really cheap prices.

Bedroom bed: many versatile solutions

The bedroom bed allows you to furnish the room with versatile and functional solutions, with models that if the combination is well studied through materials, colors, fabrics, gives it great elegance and personality.
Depending on the room where the bed will be placed, it can be double, for the children's bedroom, for a room with a study for the boys, for a bed corner of a small studio apartment, or in another room of the house ready to transform into a extra room for guests.
The multiple solutions available for the bedroom bed effectively combine functionality, versatility and aesthetics.

The various types of bed room

Almost in all the rooms of the house each type of bed room has its own natural location, below is a list of the main types:

  • double beds: which are a bit classic and inevitable in the bedrooms. As for the dimensions, the standard double measures 160x190 cm or 160x200 cm. Low or high bed depends only on your tastes, but also on the style of the room and individual needs.
  • single beds: For the bedroom, explore the wide choice of single-square models. It starts from 80 cm in width up to 90 cm or maxi from 100 cm. The length ranges from 190 up to 210 cm. Discover all the smart solutions such as the beloved single bed with container or drawers, corner and convertible compositions, or single beds with a bed underneath that become double. Password: practicality and ... order.
  • French beds: these are single beds and a half. It is the room of the young people of the house with comfortable 120x190 or 200 cm mattresses is the best solution for them.
    The various materials available allow you to choose together the style suited to their tastes. from glamorous shades for girls' beds, to darker colors for boys.
    And if the square meters allow it, a 140 cm French bed can be more comfortable.
  • container beds: these are the beds that have a space under the slatted base. Storage beds are one of the best multifunctional solutions.
    The box under the net becomes a second wardrobe for sheets, duvets and seasonal changes. This precious extra space is also very useful on single and large single beds which, if chosen with storage, offer a useful compartment for toys, clothes, shoes or sports equipment.
    A structure equipped with a quality container has mechanisms and pistons that are easy to lift and above all safe. The choice of sizes, materials, colors and mattresses for these base units with drawers is very wide.
  • four-poster beds: they are the beds whose romantic aesthetic is inherited from the past, but which today adapt to new contemporary needs by dressing in a modern style.
  • bunk beds: ideal in small spaces or in any case developed in height rather than in plan.
  • convertible beds,foldaway beds, as well as isofa beds: space-saving solutions that are not bulky and often find a place inside other furniture and environments in order to exploit the same available space with versatility.

Functionality, design and styles: all the aspects at play in the choice of a bed

In a bedroom, in the choice of the bedroom bed it is essential, the space available must be carefully evaluated to avoid choosing a model that is too bulky, so we start from the choice of king size and double beds, to gradually smaller models , compact up to the retractable ones.
Another not negligible need in choosing a bed, which furniture to use to stay in contact with the body and for many hours in a row, so a careful choice will be towards resistant, easily washable, natural, hypoallergenic and formaldehyde-free materials, durability in time.
The respective materials, colors and components can be merged into ever-changing models and styles, for all functional and aesthetic needs.
The choice for size, shape and aesthetics is necessarily conditioned by the element of the bed structure which can be in wood, solid or plywood, lacquered or natural, or in metal, such as wrought iron, brass, steel or the lightest aluminum.
In modern beds the slimmer and lighter structure, based on innovative materials and technologies, allows to minimize the space occupied in the sleeping area and to fit them in a variety of contexts, with more degrees of freedom.

How to place the bed inside the room

The first variable to be defined is whether it is intended to accommodate one or two people: therefore a bed: single, single or double, or double or twin, double or king size, passing through the various sizes. intermediate.
The dimensions of the room are another fundamental factor to be carefully evaluated, such as the dimensions of the openings of doors, windows, wardrobes, bedside tables, tables, chest of drawers, armchairs, benches, lamps, various accessories and passages in general: at least 50 cm around the bed, which becomes 70 cm when the wardrobe is opened.

If space permits, a greater thickness can be provided to allow for a high and padded headboard, very comfortable for reading or watching TV in bed.
If, on the other hand, the space is minimal, a solution may be to place the bed in a corner, thus halving the side corridors.
The ceiling height of a bedroom can make it possible to use both a canopy and a mezzanine.


It is advisable to pay close attention to the mattress when buying a bedroom bed, as characteristics of: comfort, hypoallergenicity, resilience, durability, quality materials must be guaranteed.
Different heights and sizes are available and the number of pocket springs present is relevant to ensure the correct distribution of body weight.

Ultimately the mattress must guarantee total physical well-being, and must satisfy our aesthetic need for extreme elegance.
On the bed we abandon ourselves and spend a lot of our life, and it is the first, and perhaps also the most important, thing we buy when we enter a new home.