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Garden Gazebo

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Garden gazebo for all seasons

Garden gazebos are furnishing accessories that can embellish our outdoor space with class and chic.
Its structures in addition to having the dual purpose of sheltering from the sun and rain, give the garden a pleasant atmosphere even to the eye regardless of the style chosen, all these factors make your green space particularly livable and relaxing.
The outdoor gazebo is an element that cannot be missing in your outdoor space, it is essential to create a shaded area on hot sunny days, where we can relax by reading a book or having lunch with our guests.

The garden gazebo finds its ideal location in outdoor spaces such as: in the garden , on a porch , on a patio or on a large terrace where it is natural to spend the beauty of a sunny day outdoors.
The choice of a garden gazebo is of fundamental importance, as there are models that have such characteristics that they require no building permit granted by the Municipality in order to be assembled.
The types dealt with in this category are movable models and therefore fall within the case of free construction and do not require any building permit .

Garden gazebo: the types

The garden gazebo is composed of a supporting structure and covered by a canvas which can be: in fabric such as cotton, linen, polyethylene or polyester, but which can be summarized in three variants:

  • Self- supporting gazebo : this type is composed of a mobile supporting garden structure, its use is generally aimed above all to create a relaxation area in the garden, such as to protect from the wind (provision of sheets or side curtains), from UV rays and from rain (with waterproof sheets).
    The structure of a garden gazebo in addition to the classic use of shelter for the outdoor living room below, can also be used, for example, as a support for climbing plants.
    The gazebos can be disassembled and placed in the warehouse or garage; offers you a wide choice of sizes, shapes and colors, which will allow you to choose the model that best suits the furnishing of your outdoor space.
  • Gazebo with shelter or pergola : The shelter has the function of a canopy because it is a sort of pergola leaning against a wall. This single-pitched roof type is frequently installed on a terrace or patio that is accessible through a French door. The shelter can be self-supporting, which is simply placed next to the wall or which is fixed to the wall with plugs.
  • Folding gazebo : its versatility in closing like an umbrella makes it preferable as an ideal solution for parties and receptions, but in the same way it is also frequently used in markets, at fairs.

Choice of structure material for garden gazebos

The choice of the garden gazebo must be made, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, according to the material of the structure according to the use and specific needs.
For example, if it is a gazebo that must be moved or transported frequently, then the choice should be oriented on a gazebo with a light structure and possibly foldable to reduce its size.
The materials best suited to the various needs and required on the market are:

  • steel : material of exceptional weather resistance, they are lighter and therefore make transport and assembly operations easier. From an aesthetic point of view, with the modern paints available on the market, they can be easily combined with any style of architecture or modern / contemporary furniture with minimal but refined lines.
    See the corresponding iron gazebo category;
  • aluminum : a material with excellent resistance to corrosion that does not alter its quality over time, its light weight (compared to wrought iron or steel) and its refined appearance make aluminum an ideal material for design gazebos and modern.
    See the corresponding aluminum gazebo category;
  • the braided resin : it is a light, robust and UV-resistant material, consisting of a steel core with an anti-corrosion coating. This material offers a light structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, while guaranteeing resistance over time, without requiring special maintenance. The woven resin garden gazebos are often used in outdoor environments with a modern style. Furthermore, one of its characteristics is certainly the good quality-price ratio;
  • wrought iron : material with a timeless and refined timeless charm, wrought iron gazebos give your garden great elegance. It is the ideal solution for romantic-style flower gardens, easily enhancing any outdoor space in the house;
  • wood : this is also a material with a timeless charm, giving the garden gazebo an ever-pleasing elegance and style. Wood is a material that requires periodic maintenance to maintain its qualities over time.

How to choose shapes and style for garden gazebos

Another certainly important aspect is the choice of the shape of the structure of the garden gazebo, both from the side of the space it will have to occupy and from the aesthetic side.
The shapes that you can find on the market today range from:

  • traditional rectangular or square garden gazebos,
  • to the more complex hexagonal , octagonal , oval and round garden gazebos for very large spaces ,
  • or folding garden gazebos, which can be closed or disassembled , for smaller rooms .

The style of our garden gazebos ranges from modern / contemporary for those who love clean , essential and minimal lines, to the more classic one with more traditional shapes and colors.

How to choose tarpaulins and covers for garden gazebos

The other fundamental element that completes a garden gazebo is the choice of the type of tarpaulin that covers the upper garden structure.
The choice of the type of cover must be made according to the use we are going to make and in which aesthetic context it will be positioned.
In fact, you can choose between different types of fabric:

  • cotton is a natural material that has elegance as its strong point, but is at the same time not very resistant and requires periodic maintenance;
  • PVC , a water-resistant material, which allows you to shelter from spring and summer showers;
  • polycarbonate , also a very resistant material to water, to the action of strong winds and intense sunlight, but also robust against knocks and tears.

There are also models that have the ability to close the side walls thanks to tarpaulins for those who want to take full advantage of the gazebo even in winter.
Or models with built-in lateral mosquito net that allows you to protect yourself from insects during an afternoon spent in the garden, or during a dinner with the family or guests.

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