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Chest of drawers and bedside tables

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Price €1,398.99 -5% Regular price €1,472.63

Medea group ash gray structure, altea white drawers, black or white marble top

Medea group staggered in ash gray, white altea melamine, black or white marble top.
The black marble frames the top giving the furniture a strong graphic imprint.
The dresser with staggered drawers can take on different configurations adapting to all modern styles.


Como: L.122 P.53 H.72 cm.
Bedside table: L.60 P.43 H.54 cm.

Price €1,569.07 -5% Regular price €1,651.65

Medea group finishes blond walnut, mink

Medea group made in melamine wood and colored finishes.
The front, with a particular folding process, is available in all Essenza finishes.
Chest of drawers: L.122 P.53 H.67
Suspended bedside table: L.40 P.43 H.24
Bedside table: (glass case of your choice) L.40 P.43 H.30

Chest of drawers and bedside tables: the furniture that complete the furnishing of a bedroom

That's right, the dressers and bedside tables are the furniture that cannot be missing inside a bedroom because together with theseptet, todrawers, and albed room, complete it allowing you to expand the space ofwardrobes, to accommodate smaller garments.

As for the aesthetic aspect as well as for the wardrobes where the styles to choose are not lacking, the same is true also for this type of furniture; in the sense that if the wardrobe in the bedroom, for example, has a modern style, it will be plausible to choose dressers and bedside tables of the same style.

Chest of drawers and bedside tables: the best solution to give your bedroom "breath" from the bed

In small apartments such as studios but not only, the bedroom furniture must be well designed taking into account its size in order to avoid excessive gathering of furniture.
To ensure that our bedroom is not an "oppressive" place, to avoid filling all the spaces with "breath", the best solution is to use dressers and bedside tables, which give order to the room by perfectly matching the wardrobe already present.
Furthermore, if inserted inside in pairs and not individually, they give the sleeping area a more elegant and intimate atmosphere regardless of the style you prefer.

Chest of drawers and bedside tables: differences with other categories

The furniture completing the wardrobe can be divided into the following categories:

  • Chest of drawers and bedside tables: have the function of a container for small clothing in addition to that of the wardrobe.
  • Septet: it is a type of furniture etymologically equipped with seven drawers (one for each day of the week) with vertical development, it also acts as a container for clothing and sometimes furnishings.
  • Drawers: it is a category similar to dressers and bedside tables that has almost the same type of organization functionality as small garments, but its dimensional development is horizontally.

Consult in our online shopSamitech.itto choose from a wide choice the type (s) that satisfy your aesthetic and functional tastes, you will surely find high quality and valuable products at really cheap prices.

Chest of drawers and bedside tables: they are not just storage units

The "modern" sleeping area is the place for rest and relaxation, but as we know it is also the place where the furniture is used to place all the clothes.
But unlike wardrobes, dressers and bedside tables are not only storage units, but are elements that also lend themselves to being “aesthetically” useful and practical shelves.

That is, personalized by our last aesthetic touch, such as placing a particular hand-decorated table lamp, rather than a handcrafted ornament and so on, in addition to the functionality of supporting objects of frequent use such as a book to read or other.

Types of dressers and bedside tables: with or without legs

For each category listed above we have basically 3 types in our offers:

  • The first concerns those furniture where the container is placed on the floor by means of real "legs".
  • The second concerns furniture that is directly in contact with the floor, that is, without supporting legs.
  • Finally, the third: they are the "suspended furniture", that is the type for which the placement takes place by fixing to the wall.

Stylistic versatility between Classic and Modern

With this type of furniture it satisfies every type of aesthetic taste, in fact you can easily range from style:

  • Classic: with materials in walnut or solid wood and with antique finishes for those homes furnished in a rustic style.
  • Modern: with versions in melamine wood with finishes: essence, matt lacquer that leaves no footprints making the surfaces easy to clean combined with light colors such as the "tireless" tones of gray and beige, rather than more lively, warm colors such as burgundy or the elegant and relaxing midnight blue, or glossy lacquered to be combined with a wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors.

In short, when the wardrobe seems not to be enough, chest of drawers and bedside tables, tallboy and chest of drawers are the completion of the bedroom.
Combine by choosing one of our beds in our online store to complete your room.