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Modern Septet

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Modern tallboy: functionality and elegance in the sleeping area

The modern septet is a category of furniture whose purpose is to complete the furnishing of the sleeping area.
It is a piece of furniture, usually composed of six or seven drawers, with a vertical development that is very narrow and high, ideal both for storing clothing such as underwear, accessories such as ties and belts, jewelry, perfumes and personal items for which it is customary to find a drawer in the bedroom .

At the same time it is the ideal solution as a support surface for lamps, doilies and various accessories.
Its proverbial practicality combined with its particular shapes and dimensions give its appearance, which has always been so elegant and topical, which make it practically an indispensable piece of furniture for the bedroom.

Modern tallboy: the space-saving piece of furniture

A modern septet is the ideal solution par excellence precisely when there is not enough space in the bedroom for a low and wide chest of drawers, while an extremely tall and narrow piece of furniture vertically solves capacity problems, thus putting order even in particularly rooms. small.

In our online store you can choose from a wide choice of models according to your aesthetic and functional tastes to complete the furnishing of your bedroom or children's bedrooms, you can also choose between categories of similar products such as: dresser and bedside tables, chest of drawers, combining them with one of our beds at really cheap prices.

The versatility of the modern septet

In the sleeping area, the modern septet is a very versatile piece of furniture, which can adapt to any type of furniture and in very small spaces.
Its design communicates a sense of order and cleanliness and gives the modern bedroom a containing function, also becoming a decorative element of great effect.

The models of this furniture can be with or without handles giving it a pleasing effect to the eye and practical in use to make the most of both the lower drawers often used to arrange linen or knitwear, while the upper ones used to store small items various or to simply place frequently used objects.
There are also modern septets specifically designed for children's bedrooms, characterized by the possibility of personalizing the fronts with colored elements and playful handles.

Modern septet: differences with other categories

The furniture for completing the wardrobe can be divided into the following categories:

  • Chest of drawers and bedside tables : have the function of a container for small clothing in addition to that of the wardrobe.
  • Septet: it is a type of furniture etymologically equipped with seven drawers (one for each day of the week) with vertical development, which also acts as a container for clothing and sometimes furnishings.
  • Chest of drawers: it is a category similar to the chest of drawers and bedside tables that has almost the same type of organization functionality of small garments, but its dimensional development is horizontally.

Consult our online store to choose from a wide choice the type (s) that satisfy your aesthetic and functional tastes, you will surely find high quality and value products at really cheap prices.

How to organize the drawers of a septet

The space in the wardrobe is never large enough to contain everything we would like to store inside and above all it is impractical when you need to quickly arrange some objects within reach.

Here the modern septet is ideal for storing clothes and objects of daily use; for example it is more sensible and practical to organize the drawers, using the upper ones to keep in order small objects (e.g. cufflinks, ties for men and perfumes, necklaces and various accessories for women) that you use most frequently, and the lower ones for what you use less frequently (knitwear, various linen).

For this type of furniture, based on the height of the drawer, the total number of drawers can be: 5, 6 or 7.

Equipment, materials and design Settimino

In our tall units the drawers can be closed in the classic way or they can be equipped with amortized guides for a more comfortable closing of the drawers.
Cabinets without handles or equipped with handles on the front of the drawer for easy opening and closing, with various shapes and an attractive and modern design.

They are available in different versions, finishes, sizes to give a touch of originality to your bedroom such as the various ennobled woods: Barley, Mink, Ash Gray, Silk Gray, Agave, Petroleum, Brushed Pearl, Brushed Bronze; or matt or glossy lacquered woods.
Glass top and choice of white marble, black marble.
Buy online at low prices directly from your PC or smartphone the septet you prefer among the many proposals we have in our shop.