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Chest of drawers

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Chest of drawers: the furniture that completes the furnishing of a bedroom

That's right, the chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that cannot be missing inside a bedroom because together with the chest of drawers and bedside tables , the septet , and the bedroom bed , they complete it, allowing you to expand the space of the wardrobes , to accommodate clothing of dimensions smaller.

As for the aesthetic aspect as well as for the wardrobes where the styles to choose are not lacking, the same thing also applies to this type of furniture; in the sense that if the wardrobe in the bedroom, for example, has a modern style, it will be plausible to choose dressers and bedside tables of the same style.

Chest of drawers and bedside tables: differences with other categories

The furniture completing the wardrobe can be divided into the following categories:

  • Chest of drawers and bedside tables : have the function of a container for small clothing in addition to that of the wardrobe.
  • Septet : it is a type of furniture etymologically equipped with seven drawers (one for each day of the week) with vertical development, which also acts as a container for clothing and sometimes furnishings.
  • Chest of drawers: it is a category similar to the chest of drawers and bedside tables that has almost the same type of organization functionality of small garments, but its dimensional development is horizontally.

Consult our online store to choose from a wide choice the type (s) that satisfy your aesthetic and functional tastes, you will surely find high quality and value products at really cheap prices.

Chest of drawers: versatility also for other environments

The chest of drawers is an almost indispensable piece of furniture for the bedroom, thanks to its spacious drawers where you can store clothes or file documents.
This category of furniture has as its peculiarity: versatility , that is, it can also be perfectly inserted in other contexts, such as an entrance, a corridor, a study / office or a living room.

A chest of drawers is suitable for multiple uses and functions, lends itself to being a pleasant support surface for lamps with more original shapes, paintings, ornaments or vases with flowers, thus playing a role of embellishment in the environment where it is placed, as well as perform its main function of containment and organization of our objects in the various drawers.

Everything in order in its place: the chest of drawers

The order in a house is an indispensable aspect to live at the best, and certainly the chest of drawers fulfills a fundamental function as a storage unit but with the greatest qualities of adaptability and style in the various rooms of the house.
The chest of drawers is essential both in the bedroom and in the children's room to organize linen, moreover with its many drawers it can contain t-shirts, sweaters or accessories such as handbags, perfumes, various costume jewelery etc.
We have models that can have 3 or 4 drawers very similar to dressers and bedside tables, or vertical drawers similar to tall units with 6 or 7 drawers.

Modern chest of drawers: between shapes and contrasts

The drawer units furnish the spaces making them suitable for any stylistic context, from the most classic to the most modern.
The modern style chest of drawers suitable for contemporary environments can have the most varied shapes: circular, semicircular, square or rectangular that revive the home furnishings in a brilliant and always original way.
They are often characterized by the use of unusual materials and finishes ranging from natural wood, often lacquered, printed and covered with fabrics or leathers, in contrast with structures and inserts made of metal, plastic or glass.

Choosing the right chest of drawers

To choose the right chest of drawers it is necessary to keep in mind some aspects such as the environment in which it must be placed, so based on this you will choose the category and type of chest of drawers for the objects it will have to keep.
In the bedroom, small bedrooms, we will need taller and deeper drawers for linen, while for the entrance and living room lower and shallower drawers to accommodate small objects.

Characteristics to be evaluated will be the finishes and scratch-resistant surfaces depending on the use that is made. In children's bedrooms or studios and in versatile environments, plastic drawer units and drawer units on wheels will be very practical because they can be moved effortlessly according to the space to be used at that moment and must be resistant to shocks and damage.
In the bedroom, depending on the space we have available, the choice will be between a dresser and a septet: a dresser allows you to use the upper part to place a mirror or TV and to use the top to place perfumes and objects. that we use daily.