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Furnishing accessories

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Furnishing accessories: how I take care of the details of the furniture

When we talk about furnishing accessories we mean all that choice of cabinets, shelves, poufs, tables, desks and chairs for example, without which our homes would be terribly bare and uncomfortable.
They are mostly objects that are used to complete the furniture for the home, office or garden, often small in size but extremely functional.
The furnishing accessories are accessories that speak of us, of our way of living the house and the internal and external spaces; they also serve to renovate the furniture, sometimes a new chair or a chair is enoughpillowcolored to refresh an environment.
In our online store you will find many items that we have classified as furnishing accessories: bases andsideboardsthat will look good in the kitchen or living room, desks for the office, study or children's room, cushions and poufs furniture with container to brighten up a space or store objects, TV stands, trunks and baskets in many sizes and materials different.

Trunks and baskets as a furnishing accessory

Is it possible that a laundry basket is a piece of furniture? Of course yes, especially when it is beautiful to see as well as being practical and functional.
The new interpretations of the spaces mean that it is no longer necessary to hide the laundry basket, oitrunksto collect children's toys or tools for the house or garage; with lid or with wheels, under bed or with removable dividers, you will surely find the trunk or box or basket that's right for you.

Furnishing accessories for electronics: furniture and TV shelves

Samitech has selected many solutions to better manage televisions, game consoles, stereos and in general all the entertainment electronics that are increasingly present in our homes. Forget the exposed wires or the stolen spaces to support a video: with our wall or table supports for videos with cable hiding channel there will no longer be these problems.
Our TV cabinets, on the other hand, in many materials and finishes, with shelves or with doors, with mechanisms to rotate the view, will enhance your technological choices by integrating perfectly into any type of furniture.

Furnishing accessories for children's rooms: tables, chairs and stools for children

In colored and non-toxic plastic, resistant to the stresses of children's games, they will look good in the bedroom as in the tableswith Disney screen-printed patterns or in plain color with the matching colored plastic chairs.

Furnishing accessories for the kitchen and more: Tables and desks

Is the table better square, round or rectangular? Here you are spoiled for choice, there is something for all tastes and sizes: in wood, metal or with a marble top, sinuous or sturdy, our tables will adapt perfectly to your decor, whether classic or modern.
Consoles and transformable tables, on the other hand, are perfect when you have little space and lots of friends; not cumbersome they are transformed in a flash, and also transform your evenings in company.
Thedesksthat we propose have a clean and essential design, and will be perfect for a more serious bedroom or study

Chairs and stools, here is the real piece of furniture

Yes, because now thechairit is no longer just the one that is around a table to eat, but it is an upholstered chair / armchair in a bedroom, or a colored polymer chair that makes us happy in the office or study, it is for example a style chair retro or onestoolin metal to customize a corridor or set up an outdoor space.

Whatever furnishing accessory you are looking for, we are sure that you will find it on Samitech.