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Zara bedroom, bridge wardrobe and bookcase, altea white, glossy white

Fixed composition bedroom, made with ennobled or lacquered materials in MDF.
Zara chamber components
-Bridge x1 H-245 with 2 90 compartments, Bianco altea, Bianco glossy finish.
-Vertical deck x2 bookcase, silver metal finish.
-Library x1 horizontal deck, silver metal finish.
-AUX chest of drawers x1 3 drawers, glossy white finish.
- WINDOW mirror x1.
-REFLEX x1 bed for 160x190 slatted base, slatted base excluded, Altea White finish.

Price €2,262.99 -10% Regular price €2,514.44

Cora bedroom, bridge wardrobe, bookcase and bed with storage unit

Fixed composition bedroom, made with ennobled or lacquered materials in MDF.
Cora chamber components
-Bridge x1 H-245 with one 45 and one 90 compartment, natural elm finish, gold metal.
-Angle x1 H-245 with mirror door, natural Elm finish.
- Wardrobe x1 H-245 1 door, natural elm finish, gold metal.
-Bookcase x1 H-245 L-35, natural elm finish.
-Right terminal x1 H-245, natural elm finish, gold metal.
-VULCANO bed x1 with 160x190 container base, base included, natural Elm finish.
-Under bridge shelf x1, gold metal finish.
-Vertical bridge bookcase x1 Gold metal finish.

Price €2,388.77 -10% Regular price €2,654.19

Alba room, bridge wardrobe with bookcase and bed with storage unit

Fixed composition bedroom, made with ennobled or lacquered materials in MDF.
Alba room components
-Right terminal x1 H-245 with mirror door, blond walnut finish.
- Wardrobe x1 H-245 2 doors, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Cab x1 H-24, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
-Bookcase x1 H-245 L-35, blond walnut finish.
-Bridge x1 H-245 with 2 compartments of 45, blond walnut finish, silver metal.
- Bookcase x1 vertical bridge, silver metal finish.
-Library x1 horizontal deck, silver metal finish.
-VULCANO bed x1 with 160x190 container base, base included, blond walnut finish.

Bridge bedrooms: the system to exploit space

A small room with doors and windows is often difficult to furnish as it does not have enough space to fit all the elements of a classic bedroom.
The bridge rooms is a very simple solution to exploit space in a rational way, in order to have more living space, and in addition to add capacity to the traditional wardrobe.
This system inherits the classic space-saving solution of the bridge bedroom to the furnishings of the master bedroom.

The bridge bedrooms are available both with a bridge with sliding doors and with hinged doors, there are also models where the bedside tables can be inserted under the bridge, or they can be obtained directly in the side columns.
The bridge wardrobe usually occupies one wall, or two if it is configured in a corner. The same wall is also exploited by the double bed, thanks to the space created under the bridge.
To make functional use of all the available space, the wardrobe must undoubtedly be carefully designed so that it combines functionality and aesthetic presence.

Bridge bedrooms: the advantages

The classic configuration of a double bedroom consists of: a double bed (with or without container), accompanied by the side bedside tables, a wardrobe with sliding door or hinged door and if there is space adresserorseptet(weekly).
The bridge bedroom “revolutionizes” tradition with a different alternative, solving space problems by placing the wardrobe above the bed, you recover space for an additional wardrobe compared to the usual solutions.
If you want to put a double bed, wardrobe, bedside tables in a very small room, they might not fit or take up a lot of space, becoming an oppressive room with a bunch of furniture, here is the bridge solves the problem.

Bridge rooms incorporating in the side columns or in the space under the bridge you have a space for bedside use. This means having all the functions of a normal furniture with an additional wardrobe, ensuring versatility of use and functionality in a single structure.
The bridge can be linear or angular, occupying a single wall or two depending on the space available and the shape of the room.
The modularity of the different elements to be composed gives freedom to customize the space.
It can be configured to accommodate a single bed or two separate beds in a double or bunk room style.
The "hanging" wardrobe replaces the classic 4-door wardrobe, thus freeing up space on the ground, more space for movement.
The wardrobe doors can be hinged or sliding if you want to further optimize the spaces.

Double deck bedrooms

Traditional double bedrooms are generally composed of four elements: thebed, ibedside tables, thedresserand thewardrobe.
A small room with many openings (doors, windows) is often difficult to furnish and does not have enough space to fit all the elements of a classic bedroom; here, in this case, the best solution is the double bridge wardrobe, which concentrates several functions on a single wall of the room: the bed, the bedside tables and the wardrobe.
The double bridge bedroom is mainly composed of two elements: the side wardrobe columns and the suspended part above the bed which is the bridge.
Double bedrooms are the best solution in cases where the double bedroom is not very spacious and the bridge wardrobe, which is usually not used, is an added value because it increases the storage capacity of the two side columns.

In small rooms the elements that are usually sacrificed are the bedside tables, with a bridge solution they can be maintained thanks to the open compartments that can be obtained in the columns. In the space that is created under the bridge of the wardrobe, it is also possible to provide a shelf to use as a bookcase or to place various objects such as photos and knick-knacks.
The classic arrangement of the bridge wardrobe usually occupies one wall, but when there is the need to exploit the intersection of two walls, the corner configuration is the ideal solution to make the most of these spaces by giving, among other things, a touch of originality to the room.

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Designing the bridge bedroom

The size of the wall available is the main element that must be taken into account when designing a bridge bedroom.
Based on the size of the wall, you will have to choose the model that we like best both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, but keeping in mind the free spaces to leave.
In other words, for example, in the solution with hinged doors, attention must be paid to whether or not the opening of the doors occupies spaces that interfere with other furniture, or do not allow certain movements within the room; in this case the problem can be solved with the sliding door solution.
Having made these considerations, you choose the bed model and the configuration you want to give to the wardrobe, all the various elements are put together.
As for the bed, you can choose to put it under the bridge, between a normal bed or a bed with container, trying to adopt “light” solutions so as not to weigh down too much the impression to give to the room.

Bridge bedrooms for teens

The origin of bridge bedrooms with bridge solutions comes from the children's bedrooms.
The various solutions for the children's bridge bedroom are designed to offer all the necessary support space without constraints with maximum versatility and functionality.
Bridge bedrooms are truly ingenious and creative solutions designed to make the kids' room fun, welcoming and spacious, making the most of every centimeter:

  • small bedrooms with pull-out beds that can also accommodate up to three bed stations, retractable drawers, colorful and imaginative beds with loft as a children's bedroom must be, container stairs that can contain blankets, pillows, games, backpacks;
  • small bedrooms with retractable desks, with side cabinets, or on the ground;
  • loft bedrooms reachable by a fun staircase for boys and girls;
  • small bedrooms with the side of the side columns arranged as a bookcase or with a bookcase module to be placed next to the columns themselves.

Many different colors and finishes specifically designed to create a fun and functional environment for boys and girls.

Corner bridge bedrooms

Angular bridge bedrooms are the solution you want to use two walls of the room by optimizing the space occupied.
The corner bridge can be built in two ways: simple corner bridge and corner bridge with column:

  • Simple Corner Bridge: The classic corner bridge wardrobe is the one where the bed has the headboard in the corner of the room completely under the wardrobe.
    The advantage of this solution is that it is extremely compact, and the bed is recessed between the wardrobes. Generally it is better to implement this solution with a wider bridge, both as span length on both sides and as height of the compartment under the bridge, and if the bridge is large enough, a bedside table can be inserted.
  • corner bridge with column: the wardrobe makes a corner but the bed is not embedded inside, but remains under only a wall of suspended furniture. This allows the bed to stay in a more breathing position, but taking up a little more space.