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Free-standing washer-dryer

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Scrubber dryer: the ideal choice for perfect laundry with only one appliance

With the arrival of bad weather, one of the biggest worries at home is how to dry the laundry , to avoid ugly drying racks around the house and save the fabrics from that unpleasant musty smell that attacks them when the degree of humidity does not allow drying. rapid.
Dryers and tumble dryers are ideal, but we often don't have the space to install another appliance.
The difference is precisely this: in the tumble dryer the clothes are placed after the laundry for quick drying, while with the washer-dryer the laundry is washed and dried with the same footprint.

Washer-dryer: the long history of an appliance

Did you know that the first washer-dryer dates back to the 1950s? an ancient story but it is only with recent advances that the washer-dryer becomes a household appliance within everyone's reach. Most of the models work with a heat pump and therefore, like the dryers of the best brands, guarantee an energy class A and reduced water consumption. Furthermore, today many models of washer-dryers are real intelligent appliances: remote management of the washing, the possibility of downloading new washing or drying programs, up to the possibility of checking the appliance with our smartphone.

The washer-dryer can be considered as a normal washing machine

In the washer-dryer there are numerous washing programs like a normal washing machine, and the brands that we present in our shop are the best on the market and satisfy every washing need: for large families, sports, for delicate items, for light loads.
Easy to use, just be careful to select the garments well by dividing them according to the labels and the washing and drying temperatures, in order to have clean and dry laundry with a single gesture without having to iron it. However, the advantage of buying a washer-dryer is that, if you have the possibility, for example in summer or on nice days, you can also use it only as a washing machine and dry the laundry outdoors, thus saving electricity, while in winter you can start it. knowing how to treat your clothes in the best possible way: the washer-dryer will return them to you ready to be worn.

Our advice for the correct use of the washer-dryer

Correct use of your appliance guarantees you perfect results and a long life for your appliance.
We always recommend that you divide the garments well and, if possible, use the spin cycle to eliminate the amount of water as much as possible and make the subsequent drying phase easier.
Pay attention to the load capacity : it is not the same for the washing phase and the drying phase. For example, for a full washing load of 8 kg the drying load is 4 kg, or in any case always less.

For any other information or clarification please contact us, we will be happy to help you in choosing the best model for you.