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Modular bathroom

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Price €739.55 -5% Regular price €778.47

Iris bath depth 45, matt Mango color, matt mustard

Lively atmosphere, colorful and organized spaces, all in order with personality.

Drawer base L 60 cm Ideal Color, Matt Mango.
Integrated GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100 cm.
B Ideal Color Shelf, Matt Mango L 30 cm.

Price €953.51 -5% Regular price €1,003.70

Ivo bathroom, space-saving, depth 35 cm, ash elm color

All at your fingertips an essential but complete composition in which each element expresses its function with character. The diagonal cut of the washbasin and the unique design of the open elements.

Base 2 drawers W 90 Materic Ash Elm.
CERAMIC washbasin top setup.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100.
2 shelves A Materico Olmo Cenere L 45.

Price €1,013.86 -5% Regular price €1,067.22

Sirio bathroom depth 45, Knotted White color, Matt Papaya Lacquered

Original wall unit with shelf in a practical composition.

Base 2 drawers W 35/2 doors W 70 cm White knotted material.
Integrated GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 75 H 62.5 cm.
White Knotted Materic Wall Unit W 30 H 50 cm.
White Knotted Materic Shelf F - Matt Papaya Lacquered Materic Backrest W 105 cm, Left.

Price €1,020.44 -5% Regular price €1,074.15

Lex bathroom depth 50 cm, knotted oak color, Matt Kiwi

Modern bathroom with tight ceramic top and sink.

Base 2 drawers W 30/2 doors W 60 cm Textured Nodato Terra.
CERAMICA tight washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 75 H 75 cm.
Open wall unit Materic Knotted Matt Kiwi Lacquered W 15 H 75 cm.

Price €1,089.57 -5% Regular price €1,146.92

Ares bathroom depth 45 cm, Ash Elm color

Countertop washbasin on the base, drawers with elegant handle.

Base 2 drawers W 120 cm Materic Ash Elm.
GEACRYL countertop washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp ø 80.
Matt white wall unit.
Ideal Color suspended element.

Price €1,115.90 -5% Regular price €1,174.64

Palermo bathroom depth 50 cm, color Dark Gray Oak, Matt White

Elegant and practical for everyday life.

Base 2 doors W 70/2 drawers W 50 cm Materic Tranchè Dark Gray Oak.
Integrated GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100 cm.
2 shelves B Ideal Color Matt White - Materic Backrest Tranchè Dark Gray Oak L 30 cm.

Price €1,127.97 -5% Regular price €1,187.34

Alfio bathroom depth 35 cm, space-saving, white color, papaya

Modern essences with neutral tones ensure a relaxing atmosphere, but a colorful detail is enough to add personality. The columns decorate the wall.
The columns decorate the wall and the semi-recessed washbasin becomes a piece of furniture.

Base 3 drawers W 60 White knotted material.
Semi-recessed_GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100.
Shelf A Materic Knotted White L 45.
Shelf A Materic Knotted L 45 Matt Papaya Lacquer.

Price €1,163.09 -5% Regular price €1,224.30

Boris bathroom, depth 35 cm, space-saving, matt hemp color, matt iris

A space-saving solution in a concentration of design and functionality without sacrificing beauty.

Base 2 drawers W 120 Ideal Color Matt Hemp.
Integrated GEACRYL washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 90 H 75.
Ideal Wall Unit Color Matt Hemp L 30 H 50.
Shelf D Ideal Color Iris Matt L 75.

Price €1,171.86 -5% Regular price €1,233.54

Kevin bathroom, space-saving 35 cm depth, Light Gray Oak color

Lots of useful space in a small bathroom.
A large base and a comfortable support surface enhance the practicality of the bathroom furniture.

Base 2 drawers W 50, 2 doors W 70 cm. Materic Tranchè, Light Gray Oak.
CERAMIC washbasin top setup.
Mirror with lamp W 120 H 75 cm.
Shelf C. Materico Tranchè Light Gray Oak L 30 cm.

Price €1,254.16 -5% Regular price €1,320.17

Venus bathroom depth 50 cm, Matt Hemp color

The open wall units integrated in the mirror highlight the objects necessary for body care.

Base 2 drawers W 105 cm Ideal Color Matt Hemp.
CERAMIC washbasin top coverslim.
Mirror with lamp W 105 H 62.5 cm.
Shelf B Ideal Color Matt Hemp L 30 cm.
G4 Ideal Shelf in Matt Hemp Color L 105 cm.

Price €1,324.38 -5% Regular price €1,394.08

Sanseno bathroom depth 45 cm, Matt Hemp color, Natural Oak

Neutral shades and essential elements for an easy-to-open composition, thanks to the simplicity of the handle. A bathroom with plenty of space, inside and out, to be enjoyed every day.

Door base L 30 cm / 2 drawers W 90 cm. Ideal Color, Matt Hemp.
CERAMICA pink washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 90 H 75 cm.
Ideal Wall Unit Color Matt Hemp W 30 H 50 cm.
Materico Tranchè open wall unit in Natural Oak W 30 H 25.

Price €1,335.35 -5% Regular price €1,405.64

Torino bathroom depth 50 cm, Nodato Creta color, Kiwi lacquered

Perfect match between knotted oak and the hemp-colored glass of the washbasin.

Base 2 drawers W 105 cm Materic Knotted Creta.
Hemp integrated GLASS washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 60 H 75 cm.
Kiwi Lacquered Materic B Shelf L 30 cm.
Materic Knotted Crete Wall Unit W 30 H 75 cm.

Price €1,398.99 -5% Regular price €1,472.63

Nettuno bathroom depth 45 cm, Natural Oak, Matt Mustard color

Countertop washbasin and a colored shelf, for a modern bathroom.

2-door base unit W 70/2 drawers W 50 cm Materic Tranchè, Natural Oak.
GEACRYL countertop washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 120 H Natural Oak 75 cm.

C Ideal Matt Mustard Color Shelf L 30 cm.

Price €1,426.42 -5% Regular price €1,501.50

Egan bathroom, space-saving 35 cm depth, Ash Elm, White Elm color

Ground monobloc base, ideal for making the most of the available space.

Base with 2 doors / 2 drawers W 120 cm. Materic White Elm.
CERAMIC washbasin top setup.
Mirror with lamp W 90 H 75 cm.
Shelf B Materic Ash Elm L 45 cm.
Materic White Elm Wall Unit W 30 H 50 cm.

Price €1,540.54 -5% Regular price €1,621.62

Rovigo bathroom, depth 50 cm, color Terranova Opaco, Platino Opaco

The glass washbasin combined with the gray of the base and wall units give elegance to the Rovigo bathroom.

Base 2 drawers W 70 cm / door W 50 cm Ideal Color Terranova Opaco.
Integrated GLASS washbasin top.
Mirror with lamp W 50 H 100 cm.
C Ideal Color Shelf, Matt Platinum L 30 cm.
Ideal Color open wall unit, Matt Platinum L 30 H 25 cm.

Price €1,702.93 -5% Regular price €1,792.56

Goran bathroom depth 50 cm, color Glossy Light Gray, Natural Oak

Integrated sink in GEACRYL and container mirror, to increase space.

4 drawers base W 140 cm Ideal Color Glossy Light Gray.
Integrated GEACRYL washbasin top.
2 mirror wall units with lamp W 60 H 62.5 cm.
Materico Tranchè open wall unit Natural Oak W 15 H 62.5 cm.

Price €1,753.41 -5% Regular price €1,845.69

Lido bathroom depth 50 cm, color Iris Matt White

The composition with the double sink is created to give everyone their own space.

Base 4 drawers W 140 cm Ideal Color Iris Opaco.
CERAMIC washbasin top coverslim.
Mirror with lamp W 40 H 100 cm.
Materic matt white lacquered open wall unit W 15 H 100 cm.

Modular bathroom: furnish with flexibility

When designing a new bathroom with particular measures or wanting to renovate a bathroom, the possibility of being able to compose it by choosing each element individually allows you to furnish the bathroom environment according to your tastes and needs, allowing you to best express all our creativity.

Thanks to the complete modularity of this furniture category, it allows you to easily compose the entire bathroom area according to your personal, functional and aesthetic needs.
Among the main components that allow you to furnish a modular bathroom are:

  • washbasin cabinet or washbasin countertop;
  • sanitary;
  • wall units;
  • chest of drawers;
  • shower or bath;
  • floor lamps.

To furnish the bathroom with modular furniture it is necessary to know how to choose the right accessories so that they integrate perfectly with each other.
The modular bathroom represents a valid alternative to custom-made furniture, as they are widely used especially in small bathrooms, but they are also ideal in larger bathrooms thanks to the versatility of the various modules with a modern and original look.

Modular bathroom: the furniture

Modular elements can be combined with modular bathroom furniture to create the desired structure, allowing us to express our creativity in the best possible way, instead of “pre-packaged” solutions.
You can start by considering the surface of the bathroom to be furnished, in a small bathroom you can consider the solution with suspended furniture due to the fact that they do not rest on the floor, they free up a lot of space inside the bathroom area, making it lighter and airy with style minimal with simple lines.
The solution with modern suspended furniture is a very versatile type of furniture, for this reason it is also suitable for large bathrooms because also in this case it makes the environment more spacious and relaxing.

The solution with modern floor furniture is the classic bathroom furniture a bit for all surfaces, especially for medium to large ones, this type in fact has the traditional support on the floor which makes this a sturdy and capacious piece of furniture but with light lines. and with a minimal design.
In our online store we have furniture solutions with integrated washbasin having a series of container drawers with pull-out door opening or in the more modern pressure version.
In addition, you can add elements such as mirrored wall units that give light and elegance, columns and shelves by combining them with the same colors and design.

The sanitary fixtures in the modular bathroom

The main components in a modular bathroom are certainly the sanitary fixtures: that is, the toilet and the bidet. These two elements, to be chosen and purchased in pairs, are generally made of white porcelain (vitreous china) or in a version with colored glaze and equipped with taps and drain.
Sanitary fixtures are those accessories that, due to their design, shapes and types, can change the look of the bathroom.
For a small bathroom, the choice of suspended sanitary fixtures in rounded shape, or flush with the wall is the most suitable solution, because it does not have the bulk of the drain column.

The bidet and toilet is important that they are well combined with other elements such as shower, bathroom sink and tub, so all sanitary fixtures must be adapted to the overall style of the bathroom furniture and that of the house.
The monobloc sanitary ware with ground support have the external waste cistern connected immediately above the toilet connected to the ground inside the wall to hide any connection.
The combination with the taps is fundamental to complete the aesthetic aspect of the sanitary ware; stainless steel is a classic for all styles, while gold and satin rosé are the colors for those who dare something different.

Wall units or columns for modular bathroom

To furnish the bathroom there are also wall units that can be cabinets with feet on the ground or suspended cabinets that can be combined with other suspended or ground-based furniture.
The numerous sizes available allow you to furnish the bathroom according to the needs of existing space, being able to manage spaces to the centimeter.
This piece of furniture is useful for storing any body care items such as cosmetics, perfumes, combs and so on, or for storing towels and linens.

The mirrored wall units can be composed of one or more mirrored doors and an open compartment with various finishes, with the choice of various lighting possibilities, giving the environment light and great elegance.
All the modular bathroom wall units can be chosen each with different colors and finishes, being able to create combinations and contrasts with the walls and other elements of the bathroom and thus leaving an open field for the sink, which can be chosen as a single piece or not according to your tastes.

Bathroom chest of drawers: an essential piece of furniture to keep order

When there is never enough space in the bathroom to store objects, products and towels and all that is needed for personal hygiene, a chest of drawers is a functional solution that makes the difference.
Often in the bathrooms of today's apartments, spaces are very narrow and sometimes it is really complicated to furnish them because the space on the ground is limited by the sanitary fixtures, so it is necessary to choose a bathroom chest of drawers based on the width and space available.
For a small bathroom, it will be more appropriate to opt for a narrow and high chest of drawers with column solutions or small furniture with drawers and doors allow us to equip even those small free spaces between one sanitary and another.

There are types of fixed drawer units, the most common ones, or drawer units with wheels that can be moved at will and according to the needs of the moment; these types have a number of drawers that can vary from two to seven.
Style is fundamental in the choice of modular bathroom furniture, but so are the quality of the materials and finishes, this is because it is a humid environment and therefore, in order to avoid corrosion or the opening of the furniture to due to humidity.
Choosing strong and resistant materials is even more important in the bathroom; we start from the most precious, robust and durable solid wood, to resistant glass that is practically immune to the action of humidity, to more common materials such as melamine (they are chipboard panels coated on two sides with melamine paper) and MDF (a medium density wood fiber panel).

Modern shower and bathtub

Another choice that must be faced when decorating a bathroom is whether to focus on the shower or the tub. Of course the elements to be taken into consideration depend on various aspects:

  • from personal taste;
  • from the space available, in the larger bathrooms both can coexist very well, in the smaller ones instead it is more appropriate to prefer the shower.

In a modern modular bathroom, the shower is clearly the easiest to compose and the most current, especially in small rooms. As a rule of common sense you should choose one that responds to the style of your bathroom, for example, essential and minimalist, with steel elements and not very showy, separated from the rest of the environment by glass or crystal.
While the bathtub as well as being more bulky can be a real piece of furniture, with a retro design for vintage settings or minimal lines for a more modern furniture.