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Built-in sinks for kitchen

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Built-in kitchen sinks: how to choose

The sink is one of the most important elements of the kitchen, in fact together with the hob they are the beating heart of the operational area.
The purchase of a sink, being an indispensable element for the kitchen, requires awareness as it is necessary to take into account several important factors but while always taking our preferences rightly into account, all this inevitably raises many doubts and uncertainties. even in the choice of a detail, however fundamental, such as the sink.
The choice, far from easy, of the built-in sink for the kitchen must be made according to some important factors that determine the purchase in the immense offer that is on the market, factors such as: the price , the material , the shape or the size , the taps .
Factors those just described that in short must combine the functionality for our needs with the design according to one's own aesthetic taste, trying as a good rule not to distort the imprint of the furnishing style that has been given to the kitchen, but rather that it is instead in symbiosis.

Built-in kitchen sinks: types of installation

The built-in kitchen sinks can be inserted inside the prepared space or by mounting them from top to bottom or vice versa by mounting them from top to bottom; therefore the types of installation can be divided as follows:

  • the Standard built-in sink, this type of mounting represents the traditional built-in type, that is, with top-down mounting with support on the kitchen top.
  • the built-in sink Integrated or Filotop , is indivisible with respect to the worktop, very frequent when a smooth material is chosen as the only and homogeneous support. The sink with integrated basin can be fully integrated or integrated sideways into the basin, but with the bottom in stainless steel. This type of assembly does not have a perimeter edge, but fits into a housing obtained on the upper part of the kitchen cabinet. From an aesthetic point of view it is certainly a very elegant and sober refined solution, from a functional point of view its main convenience is to facilitate normal cleaning operations.
  • in the Sottotop built -in sink, the assembly takes place from the bottom upwards, this type guarantees a greater surface available on the kitchen top thanks to the total absence of edges of the sink. Even this solution from the aesthetic point of view is certainly particular, very elegant and sober; and even here the cleaning of the surfaces can be done very easily with great ease as protrusions such as dirt and bacteria are completely absent.

Built-in kitchen sink material.

Built-in kitchen sinks are available in many materials, so to consciously choose the material that best suits your needs and your kitchen, we briefly list some features:

  • the stainless steel kitchen sink is very common, practical and long-lasting . A steel sink is also very hygienic , has low scratch resistance but is perfect against stains and thermal shock , cleans easily and does not retain dirt. Steel is the most popular material also for its quality / price ratio and for the ease of replacement ;
  • the sink in fragranite is built with a very resistant material (a mixture of natural granite), resists wear , at very high temperatures , maintains its constant color over time, has a good seal against stains and is easy to clean ;
  • the ceramic sink is a highly appreciated solution with a great visual impact and hygiene. It is also very resistant to scratches , stains , thermal shocks and chemical agents , does not absorb odors, is resistant to germs and is very easy to clean ;
  • a resin sink is a type of material highly resistant to scratches , but not so much to stains and on average withstands thermal shock;
  • quartz kitchen sink: it is among the most sought after in the kitchen furniture market, produced with a mixture of resins and very hard materials, it gives a touch of class to the environment, requires continuous maintenance and cleaning and is on average more expensive than the others models.

Built-in sinks for the kitchen: the types of tubs.

Another decision to make when choosing the built-in kitchen sink is the presence of one or more bowls, below are the combinations depending on the size of the compartment intended for the sink:

  • sink with two bowls with dish drainer , the ideal solution for those who cook often and willingly even large quantities. In the sink with two bowls and dish drainer there is all the freedom of movement for washing, rinsing and the use of accessories (such as the cutting board);
  • the single bowl sink is the ideal solution for those with a small kitchen;
  • the single bowl sink with dish drainer is a compact and ideal solution for placing dishes and dishes on the worktop;
  • sink with two bowls , where one is smaller and there is space for a dish drainer , in small kitchens it is the perfect compromise for not giving up anything.

There are also built-in kitchen sinks of other sizes and shapes, such as the circular one, very original in the kitchen or the corner sink for extra space optimization.
Built-in kitchen sinks have different depths depending on the furniture in which they will be installed, generally between 15 to 22 cm.

Built-in sinks for the kitchen: how to choose the taps.

Finally, when choosing the elements that make up the sink, you will have to choose the faucet you prefer. Surely the single-control mixer now widespread everywhere allows you to immediately have the right water flow (with an eye to the sustainability of water resources) and the right water temperature .
If your sink has two bowls, the swivel spout tap is very practical because it allows you to direct the jet of water into the sink you are using.
Furthermore, nowadays pull-out showers are also widely used in built-in kitchen sinks in homes, in fact used in professional kitchens in restaurants; very suitable for reaching the desired areas, especially if the sink is large.
All the various types of taps, mixers, pull-out showers, etc., can be found in our online store in the kitchen mixers category.