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Modern wardrobes

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Modern wardrobes: furniture for the sleeping area and the living area

Modern wardrobes are the furniture of the sleeping area par excellence, that is, together with the bed, they are the main elements that occupy the spaces of the bedroom .
In the apartments of our time this type of furniture is perfectly suited to the furnishing of open-space environments (open spaces), that is, where the spaces of each functional environment are integrated with each other as in the living area, in fact the modern wardrobes precisely for the their functionality and modularity are best suited to particularly narrow spaces.

Modern wardrobes today

The bedroom of an apartment today no longer has a single "rigid" function as an environment dedicated to rest that it had until recently, but it is that place where in addition to rest, other functions have been added such as: dedicated moments to relax by listening to your favorite music or watching TV rather than reading, or studying.
The element that allows this flexibility is precisely the concept of adaptability of today's modern wardrobes.

Modern wardrobes for modern bedrooms

It is precisely in the context just mentioned that the modern wardrobe becomes the main element that allows, thanks to its multifunctional and modular qualities, enhanced by a modern and captivating design, to give maximum flexibility even to smaller homes.
A modern wardrobe designed specifically for a well-defined space, even the smallest one, can satisfy multiple functions: it must be large enough without being bulky, that is, it must give the maximum sense of "breath" and liveability, it can be designed to accommodate insertion a TV, or a HI-FI system rather than a desk or a bookcase.

Types of modern wardrobes

In our online store you can find a wide range of proposals at low prices in relation to the high quality of the materials, and the wide choice of designs that we have available for every aesthetic taste of the customer.
The types of modern wardrobes can be divided into two categories:

  • wardrobes with hinged doors : type of wardrobes where the door opens like the page of a book.
  • wardrobes with sliding doors : type of wardrobes where the doors are opened by sliding parallel to the front plane itself, this involves great savings in space, making it the ideal solution for small apartments.
    This type is an excellent solution even for larger homes due to its functional versatility and its aesthetic impact.
  • corner wardrobes : type of wardrobes suitable for furnishing corner walls, ideal where spaces are limited.

Choose the modern wardrobe that's right for you

For each type of modern wardrobe we have the solution that best suits your needs and your way of living in the house, you can choose between:

  • Wardrobe with drawers or large drawers : made up of drawers, shelves, mirrors, tie racks, trouser racks and internal lighting .
  • Wardrobe with TV compartment : prepared for the insertion of a modern TV, with adjustable positioning in every direction.
  • Bridge wardrobe : designed for a double bed or a single bed for children's bedrooms, which can be combined with one of the many bed groups proposed in our shop.
  • Wardrobe with bookcase : preparation of shelves for the composition of an end bookcase.

Possibility to customize the overall dimensions

We are also attentive to the requests of our customers by offering the possibility to customize, according to their needs, variations to the height, depth and width of modern wardrobes, such as to facilitate the insertion in small spaces such as attics and mezzanines, or simply to be combined with other bedroom groups.