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Modular kitchens: a choice of beauty and versatility

Thanks to the proposals of our shop you will make the kitchen the heart of your home.
For some time now the kitchen has no longer been the place to be kept hidden but rather, the new designs ofmodular kitchensthey combine functionality and design.
Sturdiness and practicality make modular kitchens suitable for everyday life, while the elegance and captivating design always make them ready to receive guests and friends.
The modular kitchen is synonymous with versatility because it can be composed according to the tastes, materials and budget of those who choose it.
Compared to a traditional kitchen, the modular kitchen allows you to make better use of space and easily replace furniture, wall units or shelves over time if needs or tastes change.

Many models for quality modular kitchens

With our gallery of modular kitchens, all of the highest quality aaffordable prices, you will be spoiled for choice: many materials and many finishes, frommodern stylemore pushed to the classic or inspired stylesback, all customizable for a real kitchentailored.

A quality modular kitchen is also characterized by space-saving doors and baskets

Doorsmooth, framed door, door with slatted frame or inMDFcoated with polymeric material, glass-etched door with aluminum frame and smoked glass door with black frame: these are just some of our proposals and you will surely find what is right for you and that fits the style of your home.
In the doors, the use of thethroat opening, very practical and essential line, also combined with the mechanism ofsail opening, to optimize space, while ibasketswith soft closing and full extraction they are the real wild card in the kitchen, allowing you to take advantage of all the depth of the cabinet.

Extractor hoods as decorative elements in the new concept of modular kitchens

Beyond the importance of an effective extractor hood, it is absolutely the new trend to combine hobs or islands with burners withextractor hoodsrevolutionary design in brushed iron finish, blackboard,cortenor antique copper.

Modular kitchens: color in a room

Thepaintingand the color of the kitchen:lacquered, spatulated, with the rough effect of Crudo Oak or a total-white that enhances the lightness and cleanliness of the shapes; to choose according to your tastes but also to match the color of the walls to obtain a kitchen that speaks to you.

Modular kitchens and more: islands, peninsulas and home offices

Islands,peninsulasand home office are terms that recur more and more often in the composition of a kitchen, precisely because of that function of free interpretation of spaces that is the basis of the modern concept of kitchen and living.
And then the peninsula for a quick snack or solitary meals that turns into an exceptional worktop,island with fires, increasingly by induction, eextractor hoodoften to make a fine show of himself in the center of the room,bar counterfor an aperitif with friends that quickly turns into a table.
Also check thetablefor home office, so that work, which is increasingly done from home, is no longer relegated to a studio or one must necessarily turn to the classicoffice furniture.

Appliances in the kitchen

Choosing a modular kitchen means being able to decide the composition, but in most cases we will always have to insert some basic appliances:fridge, oven, hob, and then dishwasher,microwave oven, depending on the space available and the choices made. Our modular kitchen solutions providetraditional hobsor induction of the best brands, combined refrigerators,built-in hanging ovens, microwave shelves: choose the best combination for you.

In addition to the section of modular kitchens, in our shop we really have many solutions to combinesideboards, open elements, walls equipped with shelves and ladle holder accessories, base modules and pantries, monobloc sinks and worktops: contact us for any information.
The modular kitchen is truly the personalization of the way of living the home of each of us.
All modular kitchens are made to measure and designed by the customer, starting from a typical composition of 255 cm without appliances